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Red Bull has been dominating the grid since 2022. They have been through an unprecedented level of dominance. In the last two years, the Austrian outfit has won 38 races. It is quite extraordinary. But the credit goes to the car designer Adrian Newey and the star racer Max Verstappen. The car sure is the most important package, but without the Dutch driver, they could not have won so many races. Moreover, the Milton Keynes team won 21 races last year. The only race they could not win was in Singapore. Moreover, in 2024, Red Bull would like to win it all. However, the most important question before that would be if they have even a superior car than RB19 this year.

Last year’s challenger of the Austrian team proved that it was one of the fastest cars ever. Now, what about the RB20 car? Anyhow, after the first day of the pre-season testing, Max Verstappen looked way faster than the rest. Christian Horner has been present during these tests. He is trying to focus on his team’s progress this year. But things took an ugly turn as a Red Bull employee accused him of misconduct. There has been an internal Red Bull investigation going on. But Horner would like the whole thing to resolve as soon as possible.


Horner Wants The Investigation To Resolve As Soon As Possible

Red Bull Christian Horner
Christian Horner Red Bull Source: Autosport

On Day 2 of the pre-season testing, Carlos Sainz Jr. of Ferrari was the fastest. Red Bull’s Sergio Perez was the second fastest. Then, Lewis Hamilton finished in third place. The Ferrari driver was .758 seconds faster than Checo. Later, on Thursday, Christian Horner said as the F1 season gets nearer, he would like the investigation to get over “As soon as possible.” On February 5, the parent company of the Red Bull F1 team said they were investigating an alleged misconduct on Horner’s behalf toward a team employee. However, the Red Bull team principal denied all allegations and continued to work as usual.

But the parent company did not make any timeline to conclude the investigation public. On Day 2 of pre-season testing, Horner mentioned that everybody would like to see a conclusion to this investigation as soon as possible. However, he also added that he is not at liberty to say anything about the process. F1 and FIA urged a quick resolution to the investigation. Moreover, McLaren and Mercedes team principals have urged for transparency. 

F1 Teams Are Gearing Up For The Opening GP Next Week

Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: Essentially Sports

The opening Grand Prix for the 2024 F1 season will happen next week. That’s what the teams are excited for. On Day 1 of the pre-season testing, Max Verstappen proved to be the fastest. Later, in the second day, Carlos Sainz Jr. was the fastest. Both these drivers won races last year. However, it was only one win for the Spaniard.

Anyway, there have been two shocking news for the F1 teams and fans ahead of the upcoming season. Allegation on the Red Bull F1 team’s boss and, of course, Lewis Hamilton leaving Mercedes at the end of the 2024 season. The seven-time champion will replace Carlos Sainz Jr. in the Ferrari team.

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