Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sat out the spring training games on March 11, 2024. AP

The New York Yankees are looking up to Aaron Judge to steer them home to the World Series after a long time. Since the last time they won in 2009, the NY side has not reached the “Big Dance” yet. It has been a really long wait for the fans and the players in the Bronx. However, after a long time, the Bronx Bombers actually look like a balanced team. Moreover, the offense on paper looks really good. After all, they have the two best hitters in the sport right now – Juan Soto and the 2022 AL MVP. The Soto-Judge duo should be a lethal combination and can do a lot of damage to the opponent’s defense.

However, Juan Soto and Aaron Judge have not been at their finest batting form yet in 2024. But the Yankees started the season brilliantly. Currently, they are 12-6. Lately, they lost a series against the Toronto Blue Jays. Previously, in this same season, the NY side was able to beat the Toronto side. After winning five series in a row, the Bronx Bombers could not hold on to that winning streak. Most importantly, the slow start of Aaron Judge has been causing a lot of concern for the fans and the experts. 


Despite A Rough Night Against The Blue Jays, Aaron Judge Is Not Sweating The Slow Start

Aaron Judge
Yankees Aaron Judge looks toward the Yankees dugout before hitting a massive home run against the Blue Jays. Sportsnet

On Tuesday, Aaron Judge had a 0 for 4 performance with a couple of strikeouts. That day, the Toronto Blue Jays beat the NY side 5-4. After 18 games, the Yankees captain has an hitting average of .182. But this lack of hitting is not causing Judge to sweat. In the post-game interview, the 2022 AL MVP told the media, “It is baseball.” Aaron Judge said players can go through ups and downs throughout the year. But nobody wants to start in the same way. However, the captain of the NY side mentioned that he feels good about the team throwing out wins.

That’s the reason why they are currently 12-6. However, it is also a concern that why they did not win on Tuesday. But that’s sport, everyday every team can’t win. All the players can do is show up the next day and keep working out hard. Moreover, Aaron Judge mentioned that they are looking to win as many series as possible. Clearly, the Yankees captain did not have an awful start in 2024. He has already hit three home runs. The last one came on Sunday against the Cleveland Guardians. Moreover, Aaron Judge has .337 OBP and nine RBI. But the 2022 AL MVP has not found consistency and his groove yet. 

The 2022 AL MVP Is Trying To Improve At The Plate

Boone is in his sixth season as Yankees manager. Robert Sabo for NY Post

Following the loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, Aaron Boone mentioned as per Daily News, the Yankees captain is not probably dominating the pitchers like he normally is quite used to. So far, Aaron Judge has been trying to keep the same approach at the plate. He told the media that like every year he is trying to improve and keep trying to work on pitches, fastballs, breaking balls and offspeed pitches.

The 2022 AL MVP mentioned that when he is getting the pitches he might miss but the focus should be to throw out good at-bats and take the walks when he can. Judge’s idea is staying aggressive, no matter what happens. Even when he doesn’t get anything. Moreover, Aaron Judge said, “You must keep swinging.”

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