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Sir Lewis Hamilton has been struggling to win a race since the 2022 season. The last win for the most successful racer in the sport came in the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. That was the penultimate race of the final season of the turbo-hybrid era. The great Briton sure wishes he could win the final race that season. Then, he would have had won the coveted eighth title already. But under controversial situations, the Mercedes superstar failed to win in Abu Dhabi back in 2021. Since then, there has been only one racer who dominated the grid like never seen before. And that’s Max Verstappen.

The Dutch racer is on his way to winning his fourth Driver’s World Championship on the trot in 2024. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton had the worst start to a season in his 17-year-long career. He had a DNF in the Australian Grand Prix. Moreover, Hamilton has not yet finished in the top five in any of the four races so far in 2024. It does not feel good for Lewis to see teams like McLaren and Aston Martin performing way better than Mercedes in his final season with them. However, there is a reason why he is still optimistic about the whole season. 


Why Does Lewis Hamilton Still Feel Positive About The 2024 Season?

Lewis Hamilton FIA P3 Prize Baku 2023
Lewis Hamilton FIA P3 Prize Baku 2023 Source: PlanetF1

Recently, the seven-time F1 world champion appeared at the GQ Global Creativity Awards. The event was happening in New York. Lewis Hamilton is a quite familiar face in these events. Everyone lauded the great Briton as “The transcending powerhouse of Formula 1” at the GQ event. During that event, there were several publications asking Hamilton about the 2024 F1 season. Later, the Associated Press quoted the seven-time champion, saying, “So far, things are going really bad, but still there’s plenty of time to improve.”

Clearly, Lewis Hamilton proved that he could be blunt enough as he accepted his struggles in his final year with the Silver Arrows. But again, Mercedes and Hamilton have always shown their unbelievable optimism even in times when nothing is going their way. Lewis Hamilton pointed at the long season and the many races that are still to go in 2024. Hence, Hamilton believes there is plenty of time to make progress, and Mercedes can gradually close the gap between them and the likes of the other two powerhouse – Red Bull and Ferrari. 

Mercedes Still Struggling To Find Predictability With W15

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: The Irish Mirror

Since the cost cap era started, the German outfit lost their grip on the title. Clearly, they have to solve the correlation issues they are facing between the results of the simulation and the on-track performance. Mercedes is still struggling in 2024 to get on top of the ground effect regulations. Moreover, they are unable to find either of pace and predictability. Apparently, Mercedes is struggling to find clarity about where they have gone wrong regarding their car concept.

Lewis Hamilton believes the Silver Arrows should start pinpointing the problems with the philosophy of their car design. That might be a smart step one. Hamilton believes if McLaren and Ferrari can improve so much from where they were early in the 2023 season, then, they can do that too. But first, they need clarity about their car. 

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