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Aaron Judge with Nestor Cortes in the Yankees dugout. Sportskeeda

The New York Yankees must be very happy seeing Aaron Judge on a hot streak. He was going through an early season slump. Fans were thinking the worst, and understandably so, as the last season went terribly for the whole team. They could not make the postseason for the first time since 2016. Moreover, there were too many injuries to key players, including the captain. The 2023 season saw the NY side go through their worst year in the last 30 years. Moreover, they finished with a horrible 82-80 record. The Bronx Bombers finished fourth in the American League East division in 2023. 

On top of that, Aaron Judge was not looking good health-wise. He had sustained a severe toe injury, that later turned to be a torn ligament. It kept the 2022 AL MVP out of the game time for almost two months. Later, in the spring training, Aaron Judge suffered an abs injury. As a result, he missed several Grapefruit League games. That increased the fear of the Yankees’ Faithful even more. But then, in May, the captain started to get back into his groove. Now, he is on a hot streak of hitting most home runs this season. Lately, a Yankees reliever explained how great the captain is but in a hilarious style. 


How Accurately Luke Weaver Described The Role Of Aaron Judge?

Luke Weaver Yankees
Luke Weaver Yankees Source: YouTube YES Network

When the Yankees teammates had to say who would be their emergency contact on their team, most of them said either Aaron Judge or Gerrit Cole. It was a game the players in the clubhouse were playing for fun. But why would the captain be their emergency contact? Alex Verdugo, Anthony Rizzo, and Juan Soto said it would be Judge. But Luke Weaver made a strong point for why he would call the captain in an emergency. Most of the players said that they believe Aaron Judge has the “Key to the city.” Some of them even called the 2022 AL MVP “The King of New York.” But then came Luke Weaver, who said that Aaron Judge was one of the most nicest guys he had ever met.


 Moreover, the reliever believes that the Judge will pick them up at 2 AM if he is in an emergency; for instance, he needs someone to rescue him from a burning building. For Weaver, that guy is Aaron Judge. But on a more hilarious note, Weaver said, “I’m not a big guy, but he is.” That’s why if he needs someone to pull him out from danger, then that’s the Yankees Captain. Most other teammates gave their answer for “Who’s your emergency contact?” in more or less 3 seconds. But Luke Weaver went deep into thought and took a good 30 seconds to describe Aaron Judge perfectly. 

The 2022 AL MVP Is An Incredible Leader

Yankees, Aaron Judge, Juan Soto

Aaron Judge seems like the nicest guy out there. But getting a phone call in the middle of the night to help from the fire might be annoying. After all, he is not a fireman. He is an incredible leader who always cares for his teammates, and that means he can even go against the media if he has to do so. Andy Martino of SNY talked about the sunflower seed incident, which showed how much he cares for his teammates. 

This season, the team has been doing well, and the camaraderie between the players has been amazing. Juan Soto and Alex Verdugo joined the team last offseason, but they have already become comfortable in the clubhouse. A lot of credit must go to the “Nice Guy,” who is also their captain, for making everybody feel so important. 

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