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Stephen Curry made the Golden State Warriors a modern-day Dynasty. There is no doubt about that. Before he joined the franchise, they did not look like a worthy title-winning team. Things changed with Curry’s entry to the Dubs. Later, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green joined the team as well. But the Dubs started winning titles again after Steve Kerr became the head coach. As a result, the GSW ended their title-winning drought of 40 years in 2015. This team revolutionized the sport with their three-point shots. Then, in a span of eight years, the Warriors went on to win four NBA Championships, with Stephen Curry leading the side from the front.

However, the Dubs looked lost somewhere in the 2023-2024 season. They were not as professionals as they have been all these years. Draymond Green messed up the start as he received two back-to-back suspensions. Then, Klay Thompson went through a shooting slump. But most importantly, Klay messed up when the team needed him the most. In the play-in game against the Sacramento Kings, Thompson finished the game without a single point. Now, in the offseason, Klay will be an unrestricted free agent. What will the Warriors do about Klay? Curry would want to play alongside his Splash Brother for a few more seasons.


Stephen Curry Will Be The Driving Factor In Free Agency For The Warriors

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Now, people won’t deny that Steph is one of the greatest players of all time. On and off the court, his teammates admire him for being unselfish. Most of his teammates consider themselves lucky to play alongside the greatest shooter in the NBA history, Steph Curry. Lately, Otto Porter Jr., who was part of the 2022 NBA Championship run of the Warriors, said, “Anything can happen with that guy (Stephen Curry) on the court.” Now, Otto is a retired forward. He mentioned that when he signed with the Warriors in 2021, Stephen Curry was a big reason behind his decision to sign with the Dubs. Moreover, Otto said about his chemistry with Curry that it was a fit made in heaven. 


Stephen Curry might not help the GSW land free agents, but he plays a major role in the decision-making process of the outgoing players. For instance, in the last season, Donte DiVincenzo was the outgoing player. Now, the franchise would hope to see the superstar player’s influence extend to the next offseason. Clearly, the Dubs are in an awkward position with their limited financial cap in free agency. This veteran team would want to compete for the title. However, the latest season was a big disappointment for the Dub Nation. Now, they may have to make some tough calls regarding their roster depth, even though it was one of their big positives this season. 

How Can The Dubs Fix Their Roster In Free Agency?

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If there is a free agent talking to the Dubs, his biggest attraction to the franchise would be Stephen Curry. Despite Klay Thompson and Draymond Green disappointing the fans this season, the fans were happy to see the greatest shooter in the game still proving why he is one of the greats.

If the Warriors have to let Klay go this offseason, they will need big reinforcements with their limited financial cap. The Dubs franchise would hope to see an in-demand free agent reject rival offers to get the chance to play alongside Stephen Curry.

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