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In the world of fast cars and thrilling races, a battle is brewing. Max Verstappen, the young star from Red Bull, is winning race after race, while Mercedes, a veteran team, is trying hard to get back on the podium. The latest race in Mexico had some unexpected twists. Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time champion from Mercedes, found his way back to the podium, but not everyone thinks it was all skill. Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, believes Mercedes had a bit of luck. Let’s dive into the twists and turns of this exciting competition.

Red Bull Boss Christian Horner Questions Mercedes’ Comeback

Just a week ago, Lewis Hamilton had a challenging race. He wasn’t able to finish on the podium. Christian Horner, the head of the Red Bull team, believes that Mercedes had a stroke of luck in the Mexican race. Horner’s perspective is that Mercedes benefited from fortunate circumstances during the race. Horner’s argument is based on a crucial moment in the race. Kevin Magnussen’s significant crash led to the race being stopped. Before the pause, Mercedes made a smart move. They brought Lewis Hamilton into the pit area on lap 25 to change his tires before some other drivers, like Carlos Sainz.

Christian Horner
F1/Christian Horner

Ferrari also decided to change their tires around the same time. When the race was stopped, Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes team chose to change their tires. This decision provided them with a significant advantage. Horner believes that this lucky sequence of events helped Mercedes get a high position in the race. He stated, “They had a bit of a stroke of luck because they went in very early for a one-stop strategy, I think in the end they would have been beaten by the Ferraris.” If the race had not been stopped, he thinks that Hamilton would have had a much harder time against the Ferrari drivers, which might have prevented him from finishing on the podium. It was a matter of planning and timing, where Mercedes made the most of an unexpected break in the race.

Can Mercedes Keep Up With Their Improvement?

Despite Mercedes having some good luck in Mexico, Lewis Hamilton’s confidence has been growing. He credited a recent upgrade to their car’s undercarriage for their improved performance. This upgrade has rekindled his faith in the team’s capabilities. Hamilton shared that he is very proud of his team and has complete trust in them. He said, “I am incredibly proud of my team and I have total faith in the team. I know we can build a great car. We haven’t for the past two years. But we can build a great car.”

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes W14
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes W14 Source:

Meanwhile, he is hopeful about the future of Mercedes and believes that they can make a car that can compete well with Red Bull in the next season. The big question now is whether Mercedes can continue to improve and frequently finish on the podium, or if their good luck in Mexico was just a one-time thing. Formula 1 fans are watching an exciting competition between Max Verstappen of Red Bull and Mercedes. Key decisions and moments of luck are making a big difference in the race results. As the season goes on, the question of whether Mercedes can keep getting better and truly challenge for the championship remains a hot topic in the world of motorsport.