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After a tough two-year period, Mercedes seems to be making a comeback in the world of Formula 1. Toto Wolff, the team leader, has given a strong vote of confidence to Lewis Hamilton, praising his outstanding performance at the Mexican Grand Prix. Despite Mercedes struggling with their car this season, Hamilton’s performance and dedication remain unshaken.

Lewis Hamilton Optimistic For The Upcoming Races

Hamilton’s second-place finish in Mexico provided a glimmer of hope for Mercedes and their supporters. Max Verstappen’s historic 16th win of the season added to the excitement. Though he finished 14 seconds behind Verstappen, Hamilton, alongside the Mercedes team, delivered a strong race. The team executed their plan perfectly. Hamilton had to make several impressive overtakes on the track. He advanced from a starting position of sixth on the grid to secure the second position.

Lewis Hamilton
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One such pass included a thrilling high-speed move past Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari. Toto Wolff believes that the seven-time champion is still performing at his best, expressing strong confidence in Hamilton’s driving skills. “We have had such a long journey together that over those 12 years we have been building each other up,” Wolff stated. “I have never had any doubts about Lewis’s driving, and I have told him that more often than he wanted to hear it. On Sunday, you saw it—it was just the perfect drive.”

Lewis Explains How He Overtook Leclerc in Mexico

In the Mexican Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton had to press every button on his steering wheel to overtake Charles Leclerc. This was necessary because his Mercedes F1 car was slower on the straight sections of the track. Despite this challenge, the seven-time world champion secured a remarkable second-place finish behind the dominant race-winner, Max Verstappen. Hamilton’s standout moment came on Lap 40 when he made a bold pass on Charles Leclerc. This daring move allowed him to secure second place in the race.

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Hamilton explained that he had to extract “maximum power” from his Mercedes to make up for the car’s slower straight-line speed compared to the Ferrari. He stated, “This weekend we’ve been very, very slow on the straight.” To get close enough and make effective use of DRS, Hamilton had to follow closely through specific corners where he could take advantage of the Mercedes’ strengths. In this particular maneuver, he pressed every button on his steering wheel, taking a split-second decision to pass Leclerc on the right. Charles Leclerc was fair in his defense, making it a thrilling and fair race.

In a post-race interview, Lewis Hamilton admitted to doubting whether his medium tires could last the distance. He talked about the skills needed to handle tire wear effectively. He also emphasized the significance of adjusting the car’s balance and settings for various types of tires. Hamilton’s remarkable performance in Mexico showcased his expertise in tire management and his ability to adapt to challenging race conditions. As the Formula 1 season continues, the Mercedes team and Lewis Hamilton remain determined to secure second place in both the constructors’ championship and the drivers’ championship. Their performance in Mexico and Hamilton’s resurgence offer promising signs for the races to come.