The Los Angeles Lakers, a team that made significant offseason moves, find themselves in an unexpected position at the start of the 2023–24 NBA season. With a 1-2 record against top Western Conference teams, there are early concerns about their performance. A 1-2 start by itself isn’t alarming. However, the Lakers’ struggles in those games have raised questions about their roster and rotation. Coach Darvin Ham has acknowledged the need to address these issues. He emphasizes the importance of sorting out the rotation to find rhythm and consistency. In this article, we explore the Lakers’ early-season difficulties and the debate surrounding the use of Max Christie and Cam Reddish in the lineup.

Coach Reflects on Current Lineup Situation

The Lakers have faced challenges integrating new players while maximizing the potential of returning ones. Despite their star power, the team has been outscored when LeBron James is on the bench. This highlights the need for a more stable rotation. Coach Ham has made it clear that defining the rotation is currently his top priority. “My rotation, we gotta really dig into that and figure out and really take a close look so guys are in rhythm,” said Ham.

NBA/Coach Ham

So far, the Lakers have primarily used a 10-player rotation. The starters include James, D’Angelo Russell, Austin Reaves, Anthony Davis, and Taurean Prince. Gabe Vincent, who was acquired to replace Dennis Schroder, has seen the most minutes off the bench. However, there’s room for improvement, and the return of Jarred Vanderbilt will add more complexity to the lineup decisions.

Should The Lakers Involve Max Christie & Cam Reddish In The Lineup Now?

A major debate within the Lakers’ fanbase is the use of Max Christie and Cam Reddish in the early-season rotation. While Cam Reddish has more NBA experience, his performance has been inconsistent throughout his career, raising questions about his reliability. Reddish’s shooting percentages from the field and beyond the arc have been less impressive, and he has more turnovers than assists. On the other hand, Max Christie emerged as a promising player with a strong preseason performance. Expectations were high for the second-year swingman, who displayed confidence on offense and improved defensive capabilities. Christie’s performance in the summer league highlighted his potential. However, he has not been provided with a significant opportunity in the regular season.

Max Christie and Cam Reddish 31 2023
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The Lakers are struggling with their perimeter shooting, a crucial aspect of their game plan. Reddish has started the season with a 1-of-6 shooting record from beyond the arc. Meanwhile, Christie, despite limited minutes as a rookie, displayed a 41.9 percent three-point shooting accuracy. Given the Lakers’ need for reliable shooting, the question arises: Who is more likely to help the team out of this shooting slump? It seems the answer lies with Max Christie.

The Lakers’ early-season challenges have brought their lineup and rotation decisions into sharp focus. Coach Darvin Ham must make crucial choices to ensure that the team finds its rhythm and starts winning games consistently. The debate surrounding the inclusion of Max Christie and Cam Reddish in the lineup is an important one, as it directly impacts the team’s offensive capabilities. If the Lakers wish to turn their season around, it may be time to give Max Christie a more prominent role and see how his potential can benefit the team.