“There Is No Hold-Up,” Lewis Hamilton Coldly Replies To His Contract Rumors Led By Former F1 Champions

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton’s current contract with Mercedes is terminating by the end of the 2023 F1 season, which starts today. However, several rumors have been created by his fellow F1 champions, who are retired now. Recently, Damon Hill and Jenson Button made predictions about what Hamilton will do with his contract. They made some predictions without solid grounds. According to both the F1 veterans, Lewis Hamilton is not gonna sign with Mercedes until he gets a competitive car. Or just as his winning era is over, Hamilton has his task done.

But hitting back to the rumor creators, Lewis Hamilton emerged to announce that this is for sure not the last year of his contract with Mercedes. No matter how strong Mercedes builds a car, Hamilton will never judge the team for it. And if he stays, it will only be with his family, Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton Is Relaxed About The New Contract, Will Definitely Sign It, But Not Right This Second.

For those who think he is stepping back from formula One because Mercedes is not getting him the car to win, Hamilton said, “There is no hold with the deal. It’s just I don’t feel like this needs to be done right this second.” According to him, they have got an entire season time available. A new contract can appear anytime soon. This came after Damon Hill, the 1996 F1 world champion, made a statement via Dialy Telegraph newspaper about Lewis Hamilton, saying, “he is less-minded to accept a new long-term contract because the car is not running with pace lately.” Not only Hill but also Jenson Button, who won the 2009 F1 world championship, claimed that the Mercedes ace will retire now that the wins are gone.

Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button And Damon Hill
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These statements by the former champions worked as a great source of the rumor-sounding Hamilton is spending the last year of his F1 career with Mercedes. As a result, the above turned into a controversy when Lewis Hamilton himself came out to give a beautiful yet sarcastic reply to them. Talking with the reporters in Bahrain before the free practice, the Briton said, “People create rumors without any facts.

Hamilton did not end there. He continued to speak on the matter, “Spreading rumors is never helpful. And you must have thought that they would both [probably Damon Hill and Jenson Button] know me by now.” The Briton then clarified that he had been with Mercedes since when he was 13. Indeed this was a difficult year last year. Or maybe this year too. But Hamilton is a fighter, and Mercedes always fight as a team.

Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes-AMG-Petronas F1 Team

Lewis Hamilton knows that there is a little problem Mercedes is dealing with. But, “I love the challenge to find out solutions,” the Mercedes driver said as he still believes that he can put the car “in places that no other is able to.” A new contract is definitely coming; Hamilton has admitted that he is very much relaxed about the matter. So no hurry, anytime sooner or later, a new contract with Mercedes will be revealed.