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“The Reason We Get So Much Hate Is That We Dont Have A British Driver “Christian Horner Takes A Dig At Red Bull Haters

If you are not yet aware of the backstory of the current most dominant F1 team, then you missed an exciting plot of motor racing sport. Behind the 11 world titles, 5 F1 world constructor’s championships, and 6 F1 driver’s world championships of Red Bull, there was one leader, Christian Edward Johnston Horner is his name, who has been guiding the team on the right path since 2005.

Recently, in an interview with Kevin Garside from i sports, Christian Horner, the boss of the reigning champion team, opened up about the struggles he had to face in leading a team. Not just that, he also took a slight jab at the haters who keep on degrading Red Bull no matter how good the team does. Sadly, the Britishman has to think that the achievements of Red bull would have been more appreciated if only the team had a British driver like Mercedes.


Christian Horner Explains How Red Bull Was Established On Loans

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Next year, the Austrian racing team will complete 20 years in Formula One. Red Bull is not just an F1 team anymore; It is an example of the fact that consistency, determination, and hard work pave the way to success one day! Within those years, the team saw the darkest of the time and the best ones too. Building the foundation on loans and debts, look at how, once again, Red Bull is dominating today in Formula one, leaving all the teams behind. And undoubtedly, the credit for such achievement goes to none other than the leader who enlightened the team for so long and established it, Christian Horner.

The lustrous condition of team Red Bull today was once lackluster. Horner was a driver at Arden. But as he was a boss by birth, he soon became the head of Arden International Motorsport in 1999. He drove for the Arden Junior Racing team but soon started leading it. Christian explains that people at Arden were not aware of how close to the wind they were sailing. There were risks, but they took them. “We had bank loans, credit cards maxed out. The cheques we wrote were sent before the money came in,” he said to i. And today, Red Bull is the most sponsored team in the world.

Red Bull Lacks Just “One British Driver”

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Financially, Red Bull is in a very secure position. “But you still have to remove the obstacles to allow people to get on with their jobs,” reckoned Horner. Apparently, when he was at Arden, he only dreamt about F1. With the help of the car design master, Helmut Marko, he took Arden into Formula One. In 2004 they bought Jaguar, and Christain Horner was invited by Guenther Dietrich to become the boss of the team. That marked end of Horner’s career at Steiner, and he began the journey to Red Bull.

To bring Red Bull on the track, Horner speculated a need for a technical master. That’s how Adrian Newey stepped in. Speaking of today, Red bull holds more than 15,000 employees. There is nothing that makes Red Bull worried today. They are financially, physically, and mathematically all strong. Just one problem, they don’t have a British driver like Lewis Hamilton. At the end of the interview, Horner said, “If Red Bull had a British driver like a certain team Mercedes, we would not have been seen as bad guys too easily.”