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George Russell Explains How Mercedes W14 Will Show Its Dominance In Imola!

The F1 fans who have been hoping, praying, and expecting a good performance out of team Mercedes, should know that the team is paving the way to their biggest upgrade in Mid-May in Imola, as revealed by George Russell. That will be the time when Mercedes will fear not claiming the race wins.

The W14 proved itself to be a BIG Black color, a disappointment, the same as last year’s silver color but with different problems. Now, team Mercedes is trying to bring it on the expectation line altering the existing concept. After the Pre-Season test, the car was considered a little better than W13. But it was speculated right then that the car is not balanced.


Next came the Bahrain Grand Prix, where Lewis Hamilton and George Russell both figured out the lack of downforce in the car. This means that by no means is the W14 the car worth calling a comeback. A strong comeback is what the team promised. But it appears that instead of Mercedes, the British team, Aston Martin, is doing the job. Their driver Fernando Alonso managed to get on the podiums in both the races held so far.

2023 Bahrain Pre-Season Test, Day 1 – LAT Images

However, people in the Brackley factory are not sitting quietly watching their downfall. They are working all day and night in order to bring out a game-changer concept. A concept that may let them ditch their idea of unique side pods. That may look like Red bull or the Astons, but for sure gives pace to the Mercedes W14 car.

The Street Circuits Is A Bit Cautious For Mercedes, But In Imola, They Will Be Strong Enough To Beat Everything

Just ahead of the Saudi Arabian grand Prix, the team brought a little upgrade to the car. This gave birth to the only good news Mercedes needed right now, “We are in the right direction.” This is what Russell said after driving the upgraded W14 in Jeddah that led him to the fourth position. Nevertheless, these little alterations in the concepts are not worth assuring wins, as suggested by the 25-year-old Mercedes driver.

George Russell
George Russell

Unfortunately, Australia, Azerbaijan, and Miami all three races are uncertain for Mercedes as of now. But George Russell can assure a big change in Imola. The circuits it is non-traditional; its part-streets, so the team needs to be more cautious. He admits that, after a few races, the German squad will definitely launch a set of developments and upgrades in the car, trying to change the entire foundation. “Maybe in Imola, they will come,” he anticipated during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix last weekend.

However, nothing is sure, as George mentioned that the upgrades can feature earlier as well. But the fact that mow Mercedes have to face street tracks, they are being cautious. So, there is no guarantee over them. Now, whatever options team Mercedes have, they are weighing on. With the mistake they made, one thing is clear the team is not going to rush things unless they are absolutely more than 100% sure that it is the correct one, according to the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix winner.

Bahrain G
Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 W14. 05.03.2023. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 1, Bahrain Grand Prix, Sakhir, Bahrain, Race Day. –, EMail: [email protected] © Copyright: Moy / XPB Images

However, this does not mean that you being a Mercedes fan, should stop expecting anything. You know that the longer you wait, the greater impact you have because this is an F1 car, and here, the slope of development takes time. But once the pros and cons are figured out, nothing can stop a car from crossing the finish line first.