Michael Jordan- LeBron James
Michael Jordan- LeBron James

The LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan \”GOAT\” debate has stayed longer than modern-day relationships. The fans of both the legends are always at loggerheads claiming their favorite player as the greatest player of all time (GOAT) of basketball. While the fans fight tooth and nail, James and Jordan always maintained a cordial relationship and have immense respect for one another.

Meanwhile, LeBron James, who recently completed 20 years in NBA, beat Steve Nash and gained the fourth spot on the all-time high career assist. Along with this, James is on the verge of creating history with a momentous record that might just end the GOAT debate, according to an NBA analyst named Chandler Parsons.


LeBron James To Officially Get Crowned As The Ultimate GOAT?

Jordan & James

LeBron \”King\” James is set to create history in the next couple of weeks. The Lakers forward clocked 38,299 points after the game against the Knicks. With that, James is now 89 points away from being the all-time leading point scorer in the history of the NBA. The record at the moment sits with Kareem Abdul Jabbar with 38,387 points. The Lakers have three games to play in the next seven days. Hence, the fans are expecting LeBron to achieve the historic feat next week itself.

Meanwhile, an NBA analyst believes LeBron\’s momentous feat could finally put an end to LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan GOAT debate. Chandler Parsons says both James and Jordan are legends. However, when you have a record of having scored the most points in the history of the league, you deserve some appreciation. Chandler further added that once LeBron James clicks that achievement, people can officially crown him as the ultimate GOAT of basketball. The analysts believe such a historical record speak volume about the magnitude of the career James\’ had in the last 20 years.

\”I truly think once LeBron gets this record, we got to officially crown him as the GOAT,\” says Chandler Parsons.

LeBron Beats Ranked Fourth On The All-Time Career Assist List, Beat Steve Nash

LeBron James

Meanwhile, ahead of achieving the historic feat, LeBron added another feather to his cap. After the game against Knicks, LeBron James got past Steve Nash and ranked fourth on the all-time high career assist list. James stands at 10,338 in the fourth spot, while Steve Nash\’s record stands at 10,335. Moreover, the game got pushed to overtime, wherein the Lakers emerged victorious.

Despite King James\’ glorious, consistent performance, the Lakers are struggling as a unit. The Lakers lost a lot of games after failing to close in the final seconds. Hence, they rank 13th on the Western Conference points table with 24-28. There\’s still time left before the all-star break. However, recovery from this stage looks almost impossible. For now, the Lakers and the fans can only pray for a miracle.

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