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“That’s What Its Comes Down To,” Cap Aaron Judge Gets Brutally Honest On Yankees Terrible Loss To Braves

The 2023 MLB season will certainly go down as one of the worsts in New York Yankees’ storied history. They have a legacy built around 27 World Series championships. However, the modern-day demanding baseball has got the better of the franchise. For 13 years, the club has been deprived of a championship ring, and as per the current trend, the wait is going to perpetuate.

This week, the New York Yankees were scheduled to face the mighty Atlanta Braves, who are leading the NL East. Naturally, the competition was tough. But the Yanks lacked fighting spirit and a sense of urgency, which led to humiliating back-to-back losses. Meanwhile, the captain, Aaron Judge, was not at all pleased with the team’s efforts and chose harsh words to describe the performance.


Aaron Judge Slams Yankees For Failing To Showcase A Sense Of Urgency

Aaron Judge
Credit: Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

The New York Yankees faced Atlanta Braves this week and registered back-to-back humiliating losses. The visitors lost the opener by 11-3 and then the second one by 5-0. While the starters exploded on the mound, the sluggers failed to connect hits on the plate. With the losses, the team dropped further into the playoff race. As of this writing, the Bombers sit 6.5 games below the playoff wildcard spot. Obviously, the captain, Aaron Judge, who has put his health on the line for the team, did not take the brutal losses well. In the post-game press meet, Judge blasted the team for showcasing a lack of urgency.

Aaron Judge, while speaking to reporters post the 5-0 loss to the Braves, said that the team is not showing up. The team is failing to take responsibility at the most crucial stretch of the season. And it’s sad that the situation has come down to this. Judge looked extremely disappointed and pissed during the whole conversation. To be fair, the captain has all the right to be mad at the team. He has been giving his everything since returning half healed in late July. But the lack of support from his Yankee mates has doomed the club’s playoff pursuit. The Bombers still have 40-odd games to chase Blue Jays for the playoff wildcard spot. While the road is steep, it’s definitely plausible.

Clarke Schmidt Credits Braves After Registering Career Worst Start

Clarke Schmidt (l.) is relieved by manager Aaron Boone (c.) after giving up two home runs in the sixth inning on Sunday. (John Minchillo/AP)

New York Yankees starter Clarke Schmidt recorded his career-worst outing during an 11-3 loss to the mighty Atlanta Braves. In mere 2.1 innings pitched, he allowed as many as eight runs in nine hits before being relieved by Ian Hamilton. But the damage was already done. Meanwhile, after the game, Schmidt issued an explanation and, in fact, credited Braves for overpowering his pitches.

In an interview, Clarke Schmidt said that Braves came out with an aggressive approach and put together quality at-bats. Moreover, the hitters fed off each other’s momentum, which completely pushed him out of the contest. However, the pitcher is not backed down by the setback. He believes it’s part of baseball, and he would come out of it by becoming a better starter on the mound.