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Yankees Lands In Hot Waters As Captain Aaron Judge Completes Seven Years In MLB

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees captain, returned half-healthy this season to keep the club’s playoff push afloat. Since the return, he has been making every possible effort to ensure the goal is being met. However, his teammates’ inconsistency and lack of intent have let Judge down miserably.

Clearly, Captain Judge has been a key part of the New York Yankees organization since his debut in 2016. He has single-handedly lifted the weight of the club’s offense many seasons before eventually peaking in 2022. However, his salient efforts are being washed down the drain due to a lack of sufficient support. Meanwhile, as Judge celebrated his seven-year anniversary in MLB, the Yankees once again reflected on how they had failed their captain.


Aaron Judge Robbed Of Seven-Year MLB Anniversary Celebration By Lowly Yankees

Aaron Judge
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The night of August 13, 2016, set a new dawn for the New York Yankees as mighty outfielder Aaron Judge made his first-ever major league appearance. In the very first game, he slammed a home run and announced his arrival in style. Many believed that in Judge’s presence, the Yanks would achieve unimaginable success. However, seven years later, the reality is far different and rather disappointing. Aaron went on to become one of the greatest hitters in the game. But at the same time, the Yanks failed him. On the slugger’s seven-year MLB debut anniversary, the team robbed him of a proper celebration as they recorded a brutal loss to Miami Marlins.

At the top of the ninth inning, New York Yankees had a lead of four runs which they ended up blowing in the bottom. Reliever Clay Holmes was the main culprit of the loss. With the latest loss, the Yanks have slipped five games below the playoff wildcard spot. It’s safe to assume that a comeback from here would be next to impossible. As far as Aaron Judge is concerned, he did everything he could with a broken toe. However, the captain knows that his team is not good enough to make it to the top, no matter how hard he tries. It’s the sad reality he has to live with until the front office decides to make a change. Since their debut, Judge has been striving for a potent team he deserves. It’s time for Brian Cashman to come out of his delusion to do justice to the captain.

Fans Sympathise With Judge As Yankees Let Him Down

Aaron Judge
New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Meanwhile, the Yankee fanbase could not help but sympathize with its captain Aaron Judge as he got robbed of a seven-year MLB anniversary celebration. The fans shared their thoughts as to how the club has let the hitter down by constructing a questionable team. Many believe that a player like Judge deserves a team talented enough to lead.

All things said and done, Aaron Judge will go down in history as one of the greatest players of the sport, irrespective of the Yankee’s ability to win a World Series ring under his leadership. He has been the biggest contributor to the team and will continue to give his heart and soul to New York before the end of his said contract.