Giancarlo Stanton
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Giancarlo Stanton, once pronounced as the prodigious power hitter, has witnessed a steep decline in recent years. The former NL MVP has lost his true self as injuries grappled his career. After witnessing a rare low in 2022, the slugger hit absolute rock bottom this season. He has been a major contributor to the New York Yankees’ embarrassing lost season.

Stanton is locked in till 2027 and is likely to see the end of his contract in the pinstripes itself. The contract has a no-trade clause, which puts the ball in the slugger’s court. He is the master of his own fate, which is a problem for the Bronx Bombers. Meanwhile, after another bad day at the office, Stanton offered an honest opinion on his performance while losing his cool in the process.


Giancarlo Stanton Acknowledges Struggles, Says Something Has To Change!

Giancarlo Stanton
Yankees outfielder Giancarlo Stanton talks to the media prior to a rehab game with Double-A Somerset on Tuesday at TD Bank Ballpark. (Greg Johnson/ Trentonian Photo)

Wednesday night turned out to be an awful one for New York Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton after he went 0-for-4 in a 1-6 loss to the Blue Jays. With that, the slugger’s average has fallen to an all-time career low at .188 with .694 OPS. Not only that, Stanton struck out 17 times in the past 11 games while going 2-for-39. A dejected Stanton addressed the media after the game and looked highly frustrated. His numbers were read out to him, which he referred to as “terrible.” “Can’t produce like this season, so gotta change,” added Stanton. Further, he lost his cool when several media personnel suggested the lack of effort as a reason behind his offensive lackluster. 

The criticism first began when Giancarlo Stanton was seen restricting himself on the bases to avoid injuries. However, the slugger was irked by the narrative and instantly hit back. He said that if anyone thinks he is not showing up and working hard out there, then he does not know what to tell them. No athlete enjoys setbacks and slumps. And he is no different than any other baseball player. The Yankee slugger has been and will remain committed to giving his all to this sport. Having said that, Stanton is not going anywhere next off-season, as confirmed by skipper Aaron Boone. Apparently, the support staff is weaving a special plan for him to get comfortable in spring training and get back on the bandwagon in 2024.

Radio Host Believes Yankees Are Stuck With Giancarlo Stanton!


Giancarlo Stanton is under contract till 2027 and is eating up $25 million on average each year. But his numbers do not justify the payroll. Hence, fans want the Yankees to trade the veteran. However, WFAN host C-Mac does not believe the team stands a chance. He says that Stanton is unlikely to find any suitors as he is unable to stay healthy for a full season.

“You’d have to eat 90 cents on the dollar, and even then, who is trading for a broken-down player who is hitting .191?” added C-Mac. Further, the radio host suggested the Yankees diminish Stanton’s role within the team. He has gotten weaker on the bases and is unlikely to add any big value in the coming years. It would be interesting to see how the Yanks approach the Giancarlo Stanton situation.