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The Golden State Warriors, known for their strategic gameplay, decided to hold off on major trade moves at the deadline, choosing to continue with the team’s current composition. However, the impact of one trade, involving veteran Cory Joseph, left a noticeable void in the Warriors’ locker room. Stephen Curry, after a resounding victory against the Indiana Pacers, expressed his honest thoughts on the team’s approach and the departure of the seasoned connector, Cory Joseph.

Unpacking the Trade Deal

Following the win over the Pacers, Curry didn’t shy away from addressing the recent trade that sent Cory Joseph to the Indiana Pacers. The Warriors traded Joseph along with $5.8 million for a 2024 second-round pick just before the deadline. This move, while providing financial benefits and a potential draft pick, left the Warriors without a valuable veteran presence in the locker room. Despite the strategic benefits, Curry’s reaction revealed the emotional toll the trade took on the team.

Stephen Curry
NBA/Stephen Curry

In an unprompted response, Curry lamented the departure of Cory Joseph, emphasizing the veteran’s professionalism, spirit, and role as a connector in the locker room. Curry’s candid admission highlighted the human aspect of trades in professional sports, acknowledging the tough business decisions that impact player dynamics.

Curry’s words shed light on Joseph’s significant contributions, both on and off the court. The veteran guard, signed to a one-year minimum deal in free agency, played a crucial role in the team’s chemistry, particularly during the absence of key players due to injuries. Let’s delve deeper into Joseph’s impact and the statistics that defined his time with the Warriors.

Cory Joseph’s On-Court Performance

Joseph, brought in as the Warriors’ third point guard, stepped up during the initial months of the season when injuries plagued the team. His consistent run in January showcased his ability to contribute, although some challenges were evident, such as occasional defensive lapses and opponents exploiting his offensive weaknesses.

Cory Joseph
NBA/Cory Joseph

Despite these challenges, Curry and others acknowledged Joseph’s unwavering effort and commitment on the court. His departure, however, opened up opportunities for other players, such as Lester Quinones, to fill the void left by the veteran guard. Let’s hear what Draymond Green had to say about Cory Joseph’s departure.

Draymond Green’s Perspective

Draymond Green, another key figure in the Warriors’ lineup, echoed Curry’s sentiments on “The Draymond Green Show.” Green emphasized the personal loss he felt, not just as a player but as someone who built a strong relationship with Joseph. The forward praised Joseph’s professionalism, work ethic, and dedication, emphasizing the impact of his departure on team chemistry.

Draymond Green
NBA/Draymond Green

Green acknowledged the inevitable nature of such trades in the NBA, attributing Joseph’s departure to a numbers game. Despite his understanding of the business aspect, Green expressed his hope that Joseph finds a new home and concludes his NBA journey on his terms.

As the Warriors move forward in the 2023–24 season, the departure of Cory Joseph serves as a reminder of the emotional toll trades can take on players and teams. While the front office may focus on strategic benefits, the players, especially Curry and Green, highlight the intangible value that a veteran like Joseph brought to the team. As fans, we can only wait and see how the team adjusts to this significant change and how Joseph’s journey unfolds beyond the Warriors’ roster.