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Anthony Davis, a dominant force in the NBA, is undoubtedly one of the most talented and versatile players in the league. His combination of size, skill, and athleticism has made him a key contributor to both the Los Angeles Lakers and the USA basketball team in previous international competitions.

Anthony Davis participated in the Olympics back in 2012. However, since then, the center forward has been subject to several injury setbacks. Meanwhile, as the 2024 Paris Olympics inches closer, names of potential candidates have started to flow in the rumor market. However, Stephen Smith wants the Lakers star to remain miles away from these talks. Read on to know his full take.


Stephen Smith Against The Idea Of Anthony Davis’ Participation In Olympics!

Anthony Davis
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The 2024 Paris Olympics is less than a year away. Thus, authorities have begun contemplating the potential roster of Team USA for the sport of basketball. Meanwhile, if rumors are to be believed, Lakers star LeBron James has shown interest in participating in the tournament and is even recruiting many high-end players, including his Lakers teammate, Anthony Davis. However, NBA analyst Stephen Smith is not convinced by the idea. He says that while AD is a superstar when healthy, his inconsistency has been his biggest shortcoming. If Davis participates in the Olympics, it would give him an excuse to miss matches for LA, citing workload issues. Hence, Smith wants the center forward to prioritize the NBA first.

Well, Smith isn’t completely wrong in his analysis. Anthony Davis featured in only 56 games last season, where he averaged 25.9 points and 12.6 rebounds per game. He is one of the best players in the league when healthy. But once an injury hits, Davis often gets shut down for weeks, which adversely affects the purple and gold. Moreover, since LeBron James is planning his exit, Davis is the front-runner to lead the franchise for the next five years. Thus, his constant presence on the court is of utmost importance to the roster. Having said that, representing your country on the world stage is a different feeling altogether. Hence, Anthony Davis might get tempted to feature in Team USA if given a chance. However, Davis should carefully evaluate his options and figure out what works best for his long-term future.

Lakers Legend Recruiting NBA Stars For Paris Olympics

Draymond Green and LeBron James have become very good friends. Getty Images

All these rumors flared up when Joe Vardon and Shams Charania of The Athletic made a startling claim. In a media report, the duo claimed that Lakers legend LeBron James intends to commit to Team USA for the 2024 Paris Olympics and is apparently recruiting NBA stars to formulate a dream team.

Anthony Davis, Draymond Green, Stephen Curry, Jayson Tatum, and Kevin Durant are some names approached by LeBron James. Damian Lillard, De’Aaron Fox, Devin Booker, and Kyrie Irving are also committed to the tournament. If the Lakers star managed to bring these star names under one roof, the roster certainly would have the potential to become Redeem Team 2.0.