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Stephen Curry did not have a great game against the Denver Nuggets yesterday. It was Christmas Day, and the Dubs Nation were hoping for their talisman to lead them to a win against the defending champions. But things did not go according to plans again for Steve Kerr’s side. In the current season, the seven-time champions have had a lot of ups and downs already. But the last loss against the Nuggets was very frustrating for the Warriors. Not only it happen on December 25, Christmas Day, but also the luck didn’t go their way.

Moreover, Stephen Curry had a very disappointing night on Christmas. Steph was pretty slow in terms of their offense. Moreover, the Dub’s defense played well but not consistently. On top of that, at the Ball Arena, the Dubs only made 14 three-pointers of their 40 shots. But what made coach Steve Kerr and Stephen Curry mad was the fouling. 


Warriors Describe How Too Many Free Throws Messed Up The Game Against Nuggets?

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: NBC Sports

Yesterday, the GSW received 23 foul calls. On the other hand, the Denver Nuggets received only 17. After the game, Coach Kerr mentioned that he had no problems with the officials as he believed they had good officials all across the league. Kerr believes the problem lies with the way the NBA is legislating defense out of the game. The players were baiting the referees into calls on their way to the foul line. But referees were doing exactly what the NBA taught them. As per Coach Kerr, the second half of the game was just disgusting, and no fans should watch it. It was just a parade for the Nuggets to the free-throw line.

Later, Brandin Podziemski, the rookie guard, mentioned it destroyed their rhythm when the opponent was receiving free throws after free throws. Moreover, Stephen Curry talked about the unfair fouls in the post-game press conference. He added that it caters well to the guys who can sell calls. Steph pointed out that last night saw physicality on one side and a bit of ticky-tack on the other. Then, it changed the complexity of the game as they got into the bonus. Moreover, Stephen Curry wants to see consistency in officiating, as it is essential to know how they can defend. Steph feels it is frustrating too as they have to adjust until things change.

Warriors Need Stephen Curry At His Best In Every Game If Possible

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: Eurosport

The Dubs started the current regular season with a win. But then the Dubs lost Draymond Green due to a five-game suspension. With Green’s absence, the Warriors lost six games on the trot. Klay Thompson was not performing well either at the start of the season. It was very concerning for the Golden State Warriors. Stephen Curry had been fighting a lone battle for a while. Anyhow, as long as Curry is in good form, there is hope for the Dub Nation.

Moreover, the Warriors dropped down to 11th seed at one point. However, Klay Thompson is performing better now, and that’s helping Stephen Curry to win games recently. Moreover, the Splash brothers helped the Warriors to get up to the 10th seed in the Western Conference. Currently, they are 15-15 with a .500 record.