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“Stephen Curry Doesn’t Really Have The Expertise” Gilbert Arenas Explain Why The Warriors Ace Does Not Have Clutch Player Gene

Stephen Curry has been instrumental in changing the game of basketball this decade. He revolutionized three-pointer shooting. That is why fans regard Curry as one of the greatest shooters of the game. Curry does not dunk much, but he is an incredible scorer anyway. The two-time MVP has won four championships as he led the Golden States Warriors to become a modern time dynasty. Albeit, people talk about Stephen Curry not being able to dunk that often.

However, former basketball player Gilbert Arenas raises another issue about Steph’s game, saying he does not get clutch points much. Moreover, the NBA veteran says Stephen Curry does not have what it takes to earn clutch points. Recently in an interview with Vladtv, Arenas mentioned that a clutch player needs to possess fast and twitch muscles. According to him, Kobe Bryant had it, and so did Michael Jordan. But he does not feel the same about Stephen Curry. Why is that? Keep reading to find out.


Gilbert Arenas Explains Why He Doesn’t Think Curry Is Good At Clutch Moments

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: NBC Sports

According to the NBA veteran, they are not clutch players. But Gilbert Arenas mentioned that he couldn’t blame Stephen Curry for not being good at clutch moments. Adding to that, he mentioned, Curry generally sits at those moments when the player develops that confidence. Moreover, Gilbert said that Steph Curry is generally so dominant in the first three quarters that he never really has to play in the fourth quarter. Generally, that is what Steph Curry used to do the damage in the first couple of years in NBA. Basically, what Gilbert Arenas is trying to say is that Steph Curry, with his brilliant shooting, generally blows the opposition apart in the first three quarters.

Then he goes to the seat and, for the final quarter, enjoys popcorn or some stuff. Hence, Curry did not get much time to grow that expertise to be lethal at clutch moments. However, Stephen Curry does have some clutch points under his belt. He may not be physically a big freak of nature like LeBron James, but nobody can deny the greatness of Steph Curry. He scored, and he led the Golden States Warriors to multiple championships. For the first three times, Steph Curry met LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals back to back from 2015 to 2018. 

Stephen Curry Tried His Best To Help The Warriors Defend Their Title

Moreover, the Warriors were the defending champions. This season fans expected Stephen Curry and the Warriors to deliver again, but their journey ended in the Round 2 of the playoffs against the Los Angeles Lakers. But fans can never complain that Steph did not deliver. Moreover, he tried his best to take his team to the Western Conference Finals.

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: Eurosport

But perhaps it just was not meant to be. However, Steph Curry, over the years, has proved to be an expert in plenty of areas of basketball, like shooting for sure. Moreover, Curry impresses all the time with his mobility, passing, and scoring. There are not many flaws in Curry’s gaming style that the haters can point fingers at.