Hal Steinbrenner
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New York Yankees’ forgettable 2023 season is set to conclude this weekend. They play the Kansas City Royals in the final three-game series of the season. It would be the end of one of the worst nightmare sort of years in the franchise’s decade-long history. It’s something the Bombers would want to leave behind them as they head into 2024 season preparation.

The upcoming off-season will turn out to be an exciting and happening one in the Bronx. All the personnel associated with the franchise, in any capacity whatsoever, will fall under review. Moreover, the owner of the storied franchise, Hal Steinbrenner, is expected to overlook the analytical review proceedings personally. And rumors have it that the Steinbrenner heir is not happy at all.


Hal Steinbrenner Not Happy With Yankees Inability To Win Championship Every Year!

Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone

Bob Klapisch recently wrote a column on NJ Media wherein he discussed in length the New York Yankees’ probable off-season changes. He first claimed that a source close to owner Hal Steinbrenner says that the latter is not happy with the team ending up as runner-ups every single year. He is spending money like water and thus wants results for the same. Hence, this off-season, Hal is determined to find out the root cause of the problem. Steinbrenner wants to mull changes and has apparently hired a third-party company for deep-dive analytical analysis. This group of people will offer subjective solutions while comparing the Yanks to other clubs.

On the other hand, Bob Klapisch claimed that captain Aaron Judge is going to have a big say in almost every matter. Steinbrenner will be all ears to Judge, which could save Aaron Boone’s job for the near future. Judge is fond of Boone and is expected to vouch for him. Moreover, Hal applauds the respect the skipper has garnered from its players. Thus, he plans not to fire Boone for now. Having said that, there is no update on Brian Cashman’s future. Klapisch claims a source says that Judge is yet to put in a word for Cashman to Steinbrenner, and it’s unclear if he even plans on doing so. But again, the businessman is close to the GM and is likely to give him a free pass for at least this year. So what could be the changes? Guess we’ll have to wait till the off-season kicks off.

Aaron Judge Publicly Offers Support To Aaron Boone!

Credit: Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

Meanwhile, captain Aaron Judge is out in the open to show some support to his skipper, Aaron Boone. As the sword looms over Boone’s shoulders, the Yankees captain vouched for the former publicly. In a recent press conference, Judge said that nobody is more perfect than Aaron Boone for the managerial post of the Yanks.

He always ensures to go out of his way to support, back, and defend his players, which is everything a player demands from his skipper. Thus, every soul in the Yankee clubhouse loves Aaron Boone and wants him back for 2024. FYI, the skipper has a contract till 2024 with a club option. Now that he has garnered the backing of the clubhouse, he is likely to keep his job for the foreseeable future.