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The 2023-24 NBA season is upon us, and the Los Angeles Lakers are all geared up for the new challenge. They missed out on the championship last year by a whisker. But will make sure not to repeat the mistakes into next season. The front office led by GM Rob Pelinka had already got half the job done by putting together a strong roster.

Now, it’s upon the players to do justice to the remaining 50% of the work. Meanwhile, ahead of the pre-season, the Lakers squad assembled in San Diego for a mini-camp, and it was a full house. Austin Reaves, the team’s newest sensation, shared some details of the same and revealed an interesting detail on the workout of center Anthony Davis.


Anthony Davis Working On Improving His Outside Shooting, Reveals Austin Reaves!

Anthony Davis

The Lakers mini-camp took place in San Diego last week, and it was apparently a full house. Point guard and young sensation Austin Reaves shared details of the same on the latest episode of The Lowe Post podcast. Reaves confirmed that every member of the roster turned up for the four-day camp. They landed in San Diego on Thursday and had a nice dinner as a part of the team bonding session. The next day, the players worked out in the gym before eventually hitting the court. Austin further revealed an interesting detail about Anthony Davis. He said that he encouraged Davis to shoot more because he wanted the latter to improve his outside shooting skills.

The PG believes that even if Anthony Davis shoots with a decent range, it would be impossible for the rivals to guard him. The center displayed glimpses of his shooting impact during the bubble year. Thus, Austin Reaves wants to awaken that side of Davis to fuel the Lakers’ championship hopes further. The year emphasized by Reaves was arguably the best offensive year of AD’s career. He shot 33.3% from the deep in 3.5 attempts per game. If AD rediscovers this old form, he will become a lethal force to be reckoned with, which will massively fuel LA’s championship campaign. All things considered, Anthony Davis will be the key to Purple and Gold’s success not just next year but for multiple seasons to come.

Austin Reaves Reveals His Verdict On The Lakers Roster For The 2023-24 Season!


The Los Angeles Lakers front office did an excellent job this off-season by retaining the core of the roster, which reached the conference finals last year. The new looks roster left a deep impact towards the finals stretch to change the trajectory of the playoff campaign completely. Thus, Rob Pelinka trusted his gut and handed out extension contracts to Austin Reaves, D’Angelo Russell, and Rui Hachimura.

Moreover, Pelinka tied up the loose ends by increasing the depth around the edges. Meanwhile, Austin Reaves has shared his verdict on the roster composition and called it the most talented roster in the entire NBA league. While the Lakers may seem invincible on paper, transferring the same on the court will be the real challenge.