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Aaron Boone is the most loved person in the New York Yankees clubhouse after captain Aaron Judge. The reason is his tendency to defend and support his players in difficult and challenging situations. That’s exactly what he has done this year. At a time when the Yanks hit rock bottom, the skipper stood by his team and absorbed all the negative light.

Never once has Aaron Boone come out to play the blame game following a loss, no matter how brutal or humiliating it was. It’s the quality his team adores and respects. In a similar instance, the skipper recently defended Yankees rookie shortstop’s underwhelming defensive plays, which, unfortunately, got for him heavily trolled.


Aaron Boone Cites Fatigue To Defend Anthony Volpe’s Late Struggles

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Antony Volpe, the highly regarded rookie shortstop of the New York Yankees, undoubtedly failed to live up to the hype. He entered the season posing as the upcoming Derek Jeter. But the pressure of comparison and expectation for the better of the kid as he struggled with consistency. In 154 games so far, Volpe has hit .207 with 21 home runs, 60 RBIs, and 24 stolen bases. However, the offensive numbers dropped significantly in November, which led to a lot of scrutiny. Amid this, skipper Aaron Boone jumped into the kid’s defense. During a recent interview with Talkin Yanks, Boone cited fatigue as a probable reason for Volpe’s drop in form.

He said that one has to remember Anthony Volpe is a rookie, playing his first set of 162 games stretch. He did not even play many minor league games before coming to the main stage. Despite the lack of experience, Volpe has pretty much played all the games held so far, which is indeed an achievement in itself. Thus, Boone considers Volpe’s debut a strong and sturdy one and has no complaints whatsoever. However, the skipper’s assessment and explanation irked the fans, who once again targeted him for blindly supporting his players. Many believe that the kid’s debut seem embarrassing and he should be held accountable. The rookie card is not applicable in the Bronx. While Boone was just doing his job, the fans didn’t miss out on the opportunity to call out the skipper for unnecessary reasons.

Frankie Montas To Reportedly Return For Yankees Season Finale Series!

Frankie Montas
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The long-forgotten starting pitcher of the New York Yankees, Frankie Montas, is in the play for a late comeback this year. He missed the major part of the year due to shoulder injury for which he had to opt for surgery. While Montas’ season was presumed over, a late rehab assignment surprised everyone. He recently pitched three innings with Triple-A and allowed only one run.

Moreover, as per Bryan Hoch, Frankie Montas is in play to return for the Yankees final series against the Kansas City Royals this weekend. The pitcher is likely to be activated into the role of the reliever and could pitch as many as three innings. While a late comeback means too little for the franchise, it’s an opportunity for Montas to up his stakes in free agency, which he is about to hit at the end of the year.