Spencer Paysinger Wife: Who Is American Footballer Married To? Know All Details

Spencer Paysinger

Spencer Paysinger is a former American Football player, actor, and Tv producer. After having a seven-year-long career, Spencer decided to step into the Tv arena. Currently, he is the producer and the cast member of The CW\’s All American, which is apparently based on his life journey. Because of the show, many fans have been taking more and more interested in Spencer\’s personal and married life. So, who is Spencer Paysinger\’s wife? Keep reading to find out-

What Position Did Spenser Play In Highschool?

Spencer Paysinger completed his high school education at Beverly Hills High School, where he was selected as the team\’s captain, wide receiver, and linebacker. Spencer Paysinger\’s two-way ability throughout high school helped him become one of the area\’s top football prospects.


 Paysinger contributed to the safety and was a wide receiver on the offensive side of the ball. As a senior, his performance on both sides helped him win the Ocean League Player of the Year award. Even more adaptable than most players on the pitch is Spencer James. The fact that he can play both defensive back and a kickoff return for Beverly, in addition to being a skilled receiver, first caught people\’s attention.

Was Spencer Paysinger Shot In High School?

During the second season of All American, a storyline was about Spencer being shot in his right shoulder. The incident threatened James\’ football career, but he seemed to recover completely. Spencer once more lost sensation in his right arm as the season 2 finale came to a close, and All American season 3 went into further detail about this.


Eventually, it became clear that Coop was partly to blame for Spencer\’s ongoing arm problems. James finally moved over this issue after telling Coop what was going on during his senior year. Spencer Paysinger did not, however, actually have to engage in this conflict. Paysinger was never shot by a gang in his real life. This was merely a typical instance of the showrunner using their creative license to up the drama and ferocity of the television program.

Who is Spencer Paysinger\’s Wife?

Ever since The CW made a show about the life and career of the American football player Spencer Paysinger, many of his admirers started taking more interest in his personal and love life. If you are also wondering, who is the basketball player married to? You\’ll be glad to know that Spencer is happily married to his high school sweetheart Blair Duckworth-Paysinger. 


Blaire and Spencer met in their senior year at Beverly Hills High School. Shortly after meeting each other, the couple fell in love and started dating each other. After a few years of dating, Spencer and Blaire tied the know in a private ceremony in Palm Springs in the year 2016. Blaire is a graphic designer by profession. The duo has two adorable children together named Cairo and Madden Paysinger.

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