Snoop Dogg on Lakers
Snoop Dogg in Lakers sweatshirt. Credit – (Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Lakers lost the second game of the series against the Memphis Grizzlies to level the game in the seven-game series. Everyone expected L.A. to win, as they had all the advantage over their playoff rivals. The Grizzlies are already missing some major names on the roster, and on Wednesday, they also missed Ja Morant. The point guard suffered a hand injury to his right hand during the fourth quarter of the first game in the playoffs.

It was an annoying night for the Lakers fans as they expected their team to win, but their team messed up. A clash that should have been easily dominated by the Lakers was downright lost. And one fan took it way more personally than others to go on Instagram and rant about the Lakers players. It was Snoop Dogg who got flipped looking at the shooting performance from the Lakers. He talked about how L.A. should improve on their shooting and advised Ham on how to play his team. However, he missed some major points surrounding the big players of the Lakers. But his followers pointed it out to him in the comment section. Keep reading to uncover the full story of the West Coast legend.


Snoop Dogg Gets On Instagram To Rant About The Lakers

Snoop Dogg angry. Source - @Lakers on Twitter

Time and time again, Snoop has been very vocal about his support of the Los Angeles Lakers. He took to Instagram last time when his team won the first game of the series against the Grizzlies. He praised his team for going all out. But he was back again with other posts ranting about the way they played in the second game of the series. And the major target that he set his aim on was the 23-year-old Troy Brown Jr.

Troy Brown from the L.A. Lakers, if you don’t get yo ass in the gym and start shooting them fucking threes and making them,” said Snoop. He continued with, “You done missed every three this series, cuz. Every one! Get yo ass in the gym and make their threes.” The rapper even asked Brown to stop all the work and asked him to go to the gym instead. And since it was such a brutal rant from Snoop, fans have portrayed more points about the game in the comment section.

The Fans In The Comment Section

Since the Godfather only singled out a few points from the game, the fans took it upon themselves to school him. They pointed out that there were many low points about the team apart from Troy. D’Angelo Russell and Anthony Davis are some crucial figures who were supposed to play well but did not. One fan even commented that “Hamm needs to let Lonnie Walker get some of those minutes.”

It has really been a bad start to Troy’s postseason campaign. He has really messed up the team with his poor shooting. But even without him, the team is not very good at shooting. A struggle that has continued since the start of the season. But Ham will have to find a solution to the problem soon.