Snoop Dogg supporting Lakers
Snoop Dogg In Crypto Arena (Los Angeles Lakers) Source – REPUBLICWORLD.COM

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the best teams in the Western Conference. They pulled up great numbers in the last two months because of the changes they made in the trade deadline. Apart from the new and better players, the team now has more depth and space to make changes during unavailability. Their improvements in the quality of the players were seen in the last playoff game against Memphis Grizzlies. And rapper Snoop Dogg is now happy to see his team thrive, as he was agitated about their failures in the past.

Snoop was quick to take his excitement to social media when his team won their first playoff game on Sunday. The rapper even took the liberty to change the Lakeshow name to ‘United Nations.’ His intention behind nicknaming the team was to show how widespread the team is in terms of diversity. The team has Asians, White boys, and black as well. Snoop was all cheering for the Lakers, “Let’s go Lakers! Let’s go, baby.” He then asserted that “We got United Nations over here. We got Asians, white boys, n-ggas — boy, we cold! The Lakers got a cold squad, baby


The Lakers Fan Question Snoop’s TV

The famous musician and rapper is on a whole different level in terms of popularity and money in the industry. He is one of the biggest names in the American rap industry. Therefore anything he says goes instantly viral. So when people watched his clip on Instagram, they started pointing out the screen Snoop was watching the game on. It was a small screen of an Old TV monitor that caught the attention of his fans rather than what he said. And people soon began to comment about his screen.

People commented, saying, “Snoop is making too much money to be watching the game on that bull shit ass tv.” Keeping this aside, the West Coast icon is happy to see his favorite team getting closer and closer to the title with each game.

Can LA Do It Again On Wednesday?

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The team is ready to put in the same efforts yet again on Wednesday for the second playoff series game. Although the 2020 champs are sufficient to win it all on their own, they might have a slight advantage. Grizzlies’ star player injured himself in the last quarter of the game, which jeopardizes his chances of playing on Wednesday.

Moreover, it was a great game for the team in their first playoff game. The youngster took the ground as their own to display their potential as future stars. And LeBron James and Anthony Davis took a supportive role in handling the defense and improving the playmaking. So it is safe to say that the Lakers can win the series from the table toppers.