Anthony Davis and LeBron James

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Anthony Davis Calls His Partnership With LeBron James A Threat To Opposition, Confident Of Playoffs Win

The Los Angeles Lakers are blessed with one of the most famous duos of all time in the history of the NBA. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are one of the most promising prospects in the league. AD is quite young compared to LeBron, he has had a massive impact on the game. That is why the front office brought him from the Pelican to match him with the former champ in 2019. The Lakers’ ultimate aim was to win the championship that had been missing for a long time.

The two held the promise and came along together to finally lay their hands over the trophy in the 2019-20 season. But the story has not been very remarkable since then. They were kicked out of the play-in tournament in the very the next season. And later on, they could not even land a playoff spot finishing 11th on the Western Conference table. This caused major disappointment for the two stars who are not in the habit of missing continuous playoffs. But this year, both James and Davis are back in business.


Anthony Davis Claims They Are Big Threat To The Grizzlies

Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers) Credit -  (AP Photo/Brandon Dill)

It is a fact that whenever two of them are together on the court. In a recent interview, Davis recently said, ” Anytime me and Bron be able to be on the floor together, obviously our chances heighten… Anytime me and Bron step on the floor, I’ll always call it a threat. Any opponent would doubt their chances.” Over many seasons in the NBA, LeBron James and Anthony Davis have proved themselves. However, as age takes a toll on Akron Hammer, he has become a little slower than usual. He gets injured very often and finds it hard to recover quickly, as it is one of the perks that come with aging. But this has not stopped him from putting his best foot forward in every game that he plays.

On the other hand, Anthony Davis is full of youth and exhilarates phenomenal energy on the court. However, his performance comes with a risk of injury every time he steps on the court. The 29-year-old is very prone to injury and misses half of the games because of that. But whenever the two of them combine, they produce winning results for the team. In the last two months, Davis and LeBron played together in 10 games, resulting in an 8-2 record. This made LA’s record one of the best since the trade deadline.

Davis And LeBron Are The Keys To Finals

The superstar duo holds a staggering record when it comes to playing in the playoffs. LA is 18-8 in the playoffs whenever James and Davis have made their presence available. But success comes only with one condition, and that is they are healthy. The record also suggests that they never lost a playoff whenever they entered the seven-game series without any injury.

Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Source - FOX NEWS

The experience Anthony Davis and his counterpart bring to the table is another point that takes them above the level field. The Grizzlies’ core squad lacks playing at this level, and the Lakers are aware that the playoffs are a different ball game. For the time being, the Lakers have the lead until the last game, which comes live on Wednesday.