Austin Reaves-D'Angelo Russell

Priyanshu Raidas


Lakers Squad Have The Best Synergy Before The Second-Round Clash Against Grizzlies

The Los Angeles Lakers are seen as the most dangerous team on the court at the moment. The way all the players came out and gelled with each other could be a point of discomfort for other teams. But it might be a little too early to make that statement, as the Lakers have the ability to lose out on the clutch moments. But that might be taken care of with LeBron James and Anthony Davis healthy and up to the task. Moreover, D’Angelo Russell also dropped some good points despite missing many shooting chances.

The Lakers were heading into the away, thinking that they might not have the upper hand. Memphis Grizzlies have been one of the best teams in their home, with 35-6 during this year. However, LA has successfully snatched their home game advantage, establishing their first win in Fed Ex Forum. This is the Lakers everyone wanted to witness this season. And with Ja Morant having an issue with his hand, it could be another advantage for them to exploit. Meanwhile, D’Lo hypes up the team in the postgame interview.


“Sky Is The Limit For This Group,” Said The Lakers Point Guard

The team showed excellent form on Sunday against the top team in the Western Conference. With a seventh-seed qualification in the playoffs, they are one of the underdogs with winning capabilities. A team with LeBron James and Anthony Davis can not be considered an underdog. But they have had a long season, and it will all boil down to this playoff series.

The thing that was more exciting about the game was that Rui Hachimura scored massive 29 points off the bench. And their hero of the game, who played an extraordinary game scoring 23 points on the night. That’s why D’Lo said, “Everyone is capable on this team, and that’s what makes us scary.” It is the incredible talent that the front office has collected together that has made all the changes in the season. Otherwise, the Lakers would have been struggling to even find a spot for the playoffs again this year.

Austin Reaves Talked About D’Angelo Russell Postgame

The Lakers new star. Source - BVM SPORTS

The 25-year-old drove the defenders all over the place on Sunday. And in the postgame interview, he talked about Russell, who is surrounded by controversial questions. D’lo defended his play-in game, saying he had eight assists which made a huge impact on the game. And his unselfishness will help the team go a long way.

Reaves added that Russell had a very good night with 19 points and seven assists for the first playoff win. Moreover, Russell is also ready to do what is best for the team, even if it means for him to stay on the bench. This level of dedication is what makes him a crucial player whose worth does not just reflects on the stat sheet.