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Not only the Yankees fans but the entire MLB circuit is closely following Aaron Judge\’s quest to hit 62 home runs in a season. The excitement for his 62nd Home Run is quite understandable. However, Sky Network is perhaps a bit more eager for the milestone. They jumped the gun and prematurely announced the news on social media. 

SNY Announce Aaron Judge\’s 62nd HR Too Soon!

New York Yankees\’ Aaron Judge is trying to become the 62nd player to hit 60 or more home runs, and the whole MLB is paying careful attention. A lot is riding on Judge\’s attempt to break the American League record, and the New York media is on edge. Thusly, Judge\’s historic home run was so anticipated that SNY\’s Yankees account prematurely tweeted the news. However, Aaron Judge still hadn\’t hit the game-winning home run, which is the issue.


The Tweet proved to be a mistake, as Aaron Judge is not able to strike the historic homer yet. It appears that the Tweet was predetermined and ready to go. And the one handling the Sky Network\’s social media account was perhaps a little less careful. 

Aaron Judge Still In Search For His 62nd Homerun!

The slugger failed to smash his season-high 62nd home run, yet again disappointed the Yankees fans who watched the team\’s weekend series against the Baltimore Orioles. Aaron Judge managed only one hit with five strikeouts and five walks throughout his 13 at-bats. Sunday\’s 3-1 defeat to the Baltimore Orioles resulted from Judge\’s hitting less day, leaving him with 61 season-high home runs.

The possibility of a home run that would smash the American League record was strong throughout the whole weekend. At Yankee Stadium, the moment Judge steps up to the plate, the crowd starts applauding the slugger before quieting down when pitchers start throwing at the plate. Although, he hasn\’t played a ball in play for 11 consecutive plate appearances.


Sunday\’s game was the Yankees\’ last at home during the regular season. However, with the Yankees playing the Texas Rangers in their last regular-season game this week. This includes a doubleheader on Tuesday, as he will have four opportunities to score. In Texas, Aaron Judge stated that he would like to play every day. He last took a break from the Yankees during a game on August 3 against the Mariners. Apparently, Baseball is still a game where failing seven out of ten times as a batter leads to success despite the fact that witnessing Judge blast moonshots has become routine this season.

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