Aaron Judge

After the fairytale season of 2022, where he struck 62 Home runs, Aaron Judge is currently the hottest property in the Major League Baseball free agency. The slugger has performed exceptionally for his team in the season. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that the Yankees want him back with all their heart. But given Judge\’s records, many experts anticipate that he would be looking at a $300 million+ contract. And there is one team that may have the desire as well as resources to hire the slugger, i.e., the Giants.  

Giants Flaunt Money Power To Yankees In The Pursuit Of Aaron Judge!

With just five days remaining before the deadline, the MLB teams are working to strengthen their rosters for the upcoming seasons. However, the New York Yankees\’ pursuit of MVP contender Aaron Judge has been in the highlights more than any other. 


The Yankees will have to struggle to keep Aaron Judge, and they might not even hold the home-field edge in a free-agent bidding war expected to cost more than $300 million. On the other hand, Judge\’s home team San Francesco Giants, is also interested in hiring the slugger. On Thursday morning, just before the market opens, Farhan Zaidi, the Giants\’ head of baseball operations, made a strong implication that they will make a big push for Judge.

Farhan Zaidi

During the conversation with the reporters, Zaidi said there is no price too high for Aaron Judge during a chat with reporters about money. Two weeks before releasing this statement, the media revealed that the Giants\’ owners had been boasting about their intention to outbid the Yankees and everyone else for Judge. The Giants are eager to replace retiring catcher Buster Posey with a fresh face for the team. They have their sights set on Judge, a native of the Bay Area who hit a record-breaking 62 home runs this season and came very close to winning the Triple Crown. 

Aaron Judge

Without considering the 2020 and 2021 seasons that COVID would impact, Oracle Park\’s average attendance this year was merely 30,650, a record low since the stadium debuted in 2000. The Giants also want to stock up after going from a team that won the division with 107 victories in 2021 to one that finished 81-81 this year and missed the playoffs.

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