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New York Yankees lost a crucial member of the roster this off-season. The Bombers\’ designated left-field outfielder, Andrew Benintendi, left the Yanks to join Chicago White Sox. On top of that, Andrew left a major hole in the left field for the Yanks. Despite making several efforts to acquire Andrew\’s replacement in free agency, the Yankees failed and are in a fix at the moment.

Meanwhile, as the free agency doors closed in, the Yankees expanded their search for an outfielder in the trade window. Furthermore, the Yanks found a perfect candidate in Bryan Reynolds and hence decided to approach Pittsburgh Pirates for a trade. However, the Pirates\’ ridiculous and unreasonable ask resulted in a stalemate. Moreover, the Pirates manager\’s recent statement on Bryan Reynolds could further disappoint the Yanks camp.


Pirates Manager Unwilling To Let Bryan Reynolds Leave

Ben Cherington-Pirates

Bryan Reynolds signed a two-year contract worth $13.5 million with the Pittsburgh Pirates ahead of last season. However, despite having a fair season, Bryan decided to opt out of the contract and asked the club to look out for trade offers. Further, the New York Yankees approached Pirates but were put off by excessive, unreasonable demands. Meanwhile, the Pirates general manager expressed his unwillingness to part ways with the outfielder.

Ben Cherington, general manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, spoke highly of Bryan Reynolds and called him a competitor who wants to win. Ben added that the club would welcome Bryan back into the camp and provide him with enough space and time. Moreover, the GM called the outfielder a Pirate and said Bryan would be an essential part of the team going forward. Ben believes Bryan can do right by the Pirates as a whole club by influencing the younger generation with his style of play.

\”He\’s (Bryan Reynolds) a Pirate. He\’s gonna be a big part of the team,\” said Ben Cherington.

Pirates Stalled Bryan\’s Trade To The New York Yankees

Aaron Judge-Bryan Reynolds

When Bryan Reynolds decided to opt out of the contract, the New York Yankees saw a golden opportunity to fill in their left-field hole. As a result, the Bombers approached the Pirates and offered a trade deal. However, the Pirates allegedly asked the Yanks to exchange their whole farm for Bryan. The farm included the Yanks\’ top three prospects, Anthony Volpe, Oswald Peraza, and Oswaldo Cabrera.

Brian Cashman led the Yankees\’ front office and, under no circumstances, was willing to sell their entire farm for Bryan Reynolds. Hence, the Bombers\’ asked the Pirates to lower their demands, which the latter refused. Subsequently, the deal fell apart. Now, the Yankees are moving into the MLB 2023 season without a designated left-field outfielder in the bullpen. Meanwhile, Aaron Hicks will likely start in the left field for the Yanks on the opening day.

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