Russell Westbrook-Charles Barkley
Russell Westbrook-Charles Barkley

The reports of the Los Angeles Lakers potentially trading away their Point Guard Russell Westbrook is currently the hottest toping the NBA circuit. From fans to experts to former stars, everyone has their opinions about the matter. Recently, former player turned broadcaster Charles Barkley has joined the long list of people to talk about the issue. 

What Did Charles Barkley Say Regarding Westbrook\’s Trade?

It is well known that the Lakers want to trade Russell Westbrook from the team. Before the start of the season, there were rumors that they were looking to trade Westbrook. However, the game then moved to the preseason, and now the 22-23 season has also started. However, the trade rumors are still prevailing really well. Meanwhile, Charles Barkley, a TNT commentator, has since spoken on the situation. After seeing him play in the first half of LA\’s opening night game against the Golden State Warriors, Charles Barkley feels the team should make the best deal possible as soon as possible.


During the halftime break, Barkley went on the attack, exposing the ugly realities of Westbrook\’s awkward interaction with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The Hall of Famer spoke out against Westbrook because he didn\’t appear to be playing with the same enthusiasm against the defending champions in the game inside the game.

Talking about Russell Westbrook, Charles stated, \”This guy used to be so exuberant, playing with great energy and great emotion. I think the wear and tear mentally last year, starting this year, playing with Patrick Beverley. He\’s gutted.\” In Barkley\’s opinion, Westbrook is being utilized as a scapegoat much too frequently for some fundamental problems. In addition to Brodie\’s divisive performance, the Lakers as a whole have other issues also.

Russell Westbrook Fires Back At Charles Barkley!

It is not new for Russell to hear people talking about his potential exit from the Los Angeles Lakers. However, it is not always that the point guard chooses to respond to these voices. Even if Barkley was largely accurate in his assessment of the increasingly hopeless position, Westbrook wasn\’t going to take these remarks lying down when he learned about the quotation.

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook called Barkley\’s and others\’ comments nothing but outside noise. He reckoned that he had been tested all through his life. Westbrook counts being able to play in NBA as a blessing, one that he doesn\’t take for granted.  

This is the 33-year-old point guard\’s second season with his hometown franchise. Russell Westbrook made his presence strongly felt in the Lakers\’ opening encounter of the 2022 NBA season. Westbrook finished with 19 points on 7 of 12 shooting, 11 rebounds, three assists against four turnovers, and one steal. However, his long-term future with the side still remains in doubt. 

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