Media is once again on its knees, searching for a needle in the husk ever since Patrick Beverley joined Los Angeles Lakers. Given the history of tumultuous beef between Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley, there were several rumors that it would be hard for both superstars to coexist in the Lakers setup. However, both the star players have left no chance to exhibit that they have come ahead of their feud. Meanwhile, recently, a video has been going viral claiming that the quarrel between the two is still alive. However, Russell Westbrook has come out of the shed to share his side of the event. 

Russell Westbrook Clarifies Rumors Of Rift With Patrick Beverley!

Russell Westbrook did not have the finest preseason performance against the Timberwolves. He finished with just 5 points in 25 minutes of action while only taking three shots. However, Russ was featured in two non-basketball-related videos that went viral from that match. The former NBA MVP may be seen in one of them huddling with his teammates before the game but is somewhat separated from them.


Beverley let Westbrook participate in the huddle, not LeBron James, Anthony Davis, or Lonnie Walker IV. Nine-time All-Star made a comparison to the pregame setting. Before joining his colleagues on the court, Westbrook cleaned his face with a towel. This was a routine he had been doing in the NBA for years.

During a team huddle called by Patrick Beverley calls, Russell Westbrook was seen separating himself from his teammates. The media questioned Russ about the two popular videos. When pointing out why he seemed to be refusing Beverley\’s request for a huddle, Westbrook explained that he was talking to the coaches about a botched coverage and that the first part of the video had been cut out.

Recently, the point guard shared his side of the story. While addressing the issues, Russell Westbrook stated that the video was recorded in a manner to make it look like something that it wasn\’t. He reinstated that the chemistry between the Lakers teams is great. Furthermore, the other character, Patrick Beverley, also talked about the video, saying that he was unaware of the video. But there is no bad blood between him and Westbrook or any other Lakers members, for that matter.


Despite the challenging campaign, Russell Westbrook chose to sign up for the Lakers last season. Additionally, coming season, new coach Darvin Ham promises to gain more from the previous league MVP. Westbrook showed his outrage in response to the fans\’ past season\’s jeers of his family name. The seasoned player claimed on Thursday that the criticism he experiences as a member of the Lakers is similar to the limelight he has experienced in various settings since entering the NBA.

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