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LeBron James-Russell Westbrook

Evidently, things are not sailing smoothly for the Lakers\’ point guard Russell Westbrook at this point. There is already a lot of buzz about potentially trying to get rid of him before the trade window closes in February. And to add salt to the wound, Westbrook had a disappointing night against the Clippers on Thursday. He could only score 2 points in the entire game. On top of that, he was also seen lashing out at a fan last night. However, his teammate LeBron James came to his defense after the game.

LeBron James Defends Russell Westbrook!

Westbrook had a terrible night, scoring just two points while shooting 0-11 from the field. With the Lakers still in contention, the former MVP was benched for the last few minutes of the contest. LeBron James and Anthony Davis were then joined on stage by Lonnie Walker, Austin Reaves, and Patrick Beverley. Despite his underwhelming scoring performance, Westbrook was a force on defense, recording five steals and aiding the Lakers in a surge that kept them in the game.

Westbrook And LBJ

Now, the team and their coach will have some time to think before Sunday\’s game to strengthen themselves. In the meantime, LeBron James wants Westbrook to continue his positive play during this period and put the difficult shooting night behind him. And while referring to Russell Westbrook, James said, \”He has experience. All of us have had awful shooting nights. In this league, everyone has experienced poor shooting nights.\”

James further pointed out that Russell had five steals and two back-to-back in a critical time when the team was trying to post him against Kawhi Leonard. According to King James, the nine-time All-Star didn\’t make any shots, and that\’s fine. As per the stats, the Lakers only made 35% of their field goals and 20% of their arc-length attempts. Kendrick Nunn failed to make any field goals, either. Out of the Lakers\’ 97 points, 76 were contributed by James, Anthony Davis, and Lonnie Walker. Meanwhile, James expressed his displeasure with the team\’s roster structure before the dismal shooting performance.

Westbrook Gets Hostile With A Fan!

Russell Westbrook

The Lakers\’ Thursday night game against Clippers was a very low point for the team\’s veteran point guard Russell Westbrook. The player had a tough time on the court and clearly lacked shooting, as he could only score two points. However, this was not it, as he was also on the receiving end of criticism from Lakers fans. 

After the conclusion of the game, an angry Lakers fan targeted Westbrook, saying, \”You F**king suck!\” while the player was walking toward the dressing room. Meanwhile, upon listening to demeaning comments from the fans, the point guard lost his cool and snapped. Westbrook responded to the comments angrily, saying, \”Say it to my face.\”

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