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RUMORS: Yankees Linked To This Brewers Star Pitcher In Bold Trade Move

The New York Yankees and Milwaukee Brewers have not met eye to eye this off-season. When Bronx Bombers approached the Brewers for former CY Young pitcher Corbin Burnes, the latter posed a steep asking price. As per Jon Heyman, the Brewers asked Yanks top prospect Spencer Jones for Burnes.

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees were put off and deemed it a ridiculous ask. Just as the Yanks dropped the pursuit, AL-East rivals Baltimore Orioles grabbed the opportunity. They pulled off the bold trade to further weaken Bombers division title win odds. Having said that, in a fresh rumor, NYY has been linked to another Brewers star pitcher in a bold trade exchange.


Yankees Suggested To Trade Devin Williams From Milwaukee Brewers!

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Rumors are swirling within the baseball community as the New York Yankees are being mentioned as a potential landing spot for Milwaukee Brewers’ star reliever Devin Williams in a surprise trade scenario. Zachary Rymer of Bleacher Report put together a bold offer. In his scenario, the Yanks would receive Devin Williams, whereas the Brewers would get Chase Hampton (No. 2 New York prospect) and Brando Mayea (No. 10 New York prospect) in exchange. Williams, the reigning National League Rookie of the Year, has emerged as one of the premier relievers in the MLB since making his debut with the Brewers in 2019. Known for his devastating changeup and dominant performances out of the bullpen, Williams has established himself as a key asset for the Brewers.

Of course, the possibility of having a formidable pitcher like Devin Williams in the rotation is palpable. However, many are questioning the feasibility and potential implications of such a risky move. Chase Hampton has long been regarded as the future of the organization. The Yanks already took a steep risk this off-season when they traded Drew Thorpe to the Padres. Thus, parting ways with yet another pitching prospect is not an ideal move for NYY. While winning the championship in 2024 is perennial, future safety cannot be overlooked. Moreover, as far as this season is concerned, the team secured Marcus Stroman’s rotational services. Of course, the rotation lacks depth. But losing key prospects for the sake of extending depth is not something of a win-win situation here for NYY. Overall, the Bronx Bombers are highly unlikely to take the plunge for Devin Williams this off-season.

Blake Snell Expected To Be Available For A While!

Blake Snell
Blake Snell poses at spring training. (K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Besides Devin Williams, the New York Yankees could target two-time CY Young pitcher Blake Snell this off-season. After the initial negotiations, talks fell apart, and Snell is yet to be approached by any other team. Moreover, Jon Heyman expects the pitcher to be available in free agency for a while.

Jon Heyman cited the example of Bryce Harper. Harper waited till the end of February to sign a groundbreaking $330 million deal five years ago. Thus, Blake Snell is likely to pull off a similar stunt this year. Having said that, the Yankees still remain in play. Just as Snell comes to his senses and lowers his ask, the Bombers could pounce on the first opportunity.

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