As the outfield depth is secured, the New York Yankees’ top priority this off-season is to strengthen the pitching depth, starting by acquiring a frontline starter. So far, the probable five-man rotation for the coming season lacks a piece. Thus, the front office continues to sort out options in a sublime market.

Having said that, Jordan Montgomery and Blake Snell remain the Yankees’ top two free agency choices. However, owing to the standout numbers last season, the duo’s asking price stays steep. Regardless, the Bronx Bombers continue to put their best foot forward. However, in case Brian Cashman fails to land either of the two options, a relief pitcher is considered a fallback option.


Yankees In Play To Land Josh Hader, But With Conditions Apply!

Josh Hader

Josh Hader has established himself as one of the premier relievers in MLB. His ability to consistently overpower hitters with a high-velocity fastball and a devastating slider makes him a formidable force in the late innings. In 2023, Hader recorded a 1.28 ERA season to earn his fifth All-Star appearance. Subsequently, the relief pitcher entered free agency and is currently in high demand. Not only that, Hader reportedly sought a $100 million contract to match Edwin Diaz’s deal with the Mets. Having said that, as far as the Yankees are concerned, they seem to be taking their own sweet time to come to a consensus for Hader.

As of this writing, the Yankees’ top priority is to sign a starting pitcher. They have eyes on Jordan Montgomery and Blake Snell. However, in case the front office somehow fails to land either of the above-mentioned names, Josh Hader will come into play as a fallback option. But even then, the financial implications are something Hal Steinbrenner needs to review. Awarding a $100 million contract to a relief pitcher is not an ideal path to follow. However, if desperation demands a wild decision, perhaps the Yankee leadership would take the plunge. The coming weeks will reveal whether Josh Hader indeed becomes a pivotal component of the Yanks’ pitching arsenal or if alternative strategies come into play as they shape their roster for the upcoming season.

Yanks Sign RHP Cody Poteet To A One-Year Major League Contract!

Cody Poteet
Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The New York Yankees have made a notable addition to their pitching roster for the upcoming season. The franchise officiated the signing of right-handed pitcher Cody Poteet to a one-year major league contract. Cody Poteet brings a promising skill set to the Yanks’ pitching arsenal. The one-year major league contract reflects the team’s confidence in Poteet’s abilities. Moreover, it suggests that he could play a significant role in the team’s pitching plans for the upcoming season.

As the Yankees continue to fine-tune their roster during the offseason, the addition of Cody Poteet provides flexibility and options for the team’s pitching staff. Yankee fans will closely watch Poteet’s performance and contributions on the mound as the team aims for success in the highly competitive landscape of MLB.