Josh Hader

It’s no hidden secret that the New York Yankees are short on starting pitchers. The starting rotation for the impending season consists of only four starters, out of whom Carlos Rodon and Nestor Cortes’ participation is subject to fitness. Thus, with only six weeks to go for spring training, the front office needs to move swiftly if they intend to add a starter.

Having said that, starters are not the only solutions to the Yankees’ pitching woes. Of course, traditionally, in baseball, a starter’s role was considered paramount. However, with dynamics constantly evolving in modern-day baseball, it’s perhaps time for the Bombers to opt for the controversial ‘super-pen’ approach. To further accomplish that, Yanks can seek help from the most sought-after reliever of this free agency.


Josh Hader Can Replicate A Frontline Starter’s Services For The Yankees!


A five-time All-Star reliever, Josh Hader remains this off-season’s most sought-after reliever. He is seeking a $100 million contract to eclipse Edwin Diaz’s deal with Mets. Obviously, owing to Hader’s recent brilliance on the mound, his market has soared. In 2023, he delivered yet another standout season by pitching a 1.28 ERA across 61 games. While the relief pitcher’s asking price is steep, he makes sense for the New York Yankees. It’s highly plausible that the Bronx Bombers miss out on Jordan Montgomery, or even Blake Snell, for that matter. That leaves them with a four-man rotation. In that scenario, the Yanks will have to shift towards a super-pen approach.

A super-pen approach is when relievers take the mound instead of starters to pace up the proceedings of the game. While adding a frontline starter has been a persistent narrative for the Yankees, Hader’s acquisition could provide a different approach. His ability to handle multiple innings and serve as a “fireman” out of the bullpen reduces the reliance on starters, potentially mitigating the need for a blockbuster deal for a starting pitcher. Left-handed relievers with Hader’s caliber can disrupt the rhythm of opposing lineups, especially those featuring potent left-handed hitters. The Yanks have, at times, struggled to preserve leads and prevent late-inning collapses. Hader’s arrival could significantly shore up this aspect, providing stability in late-game situations and instilling confidence that leads will be protected.

Yanks Apparently ‘Pursuing Trade Possibilities’ For Dylan Cease!

Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Before the Yankees opt for a super-pen approach, the front office will certainly aim to exhaust all options. Besides Jordan Montgomery and Blake Snell, the Bronx Bombers seem interested in trading Chicago White Sox ace Dylan Cease. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic claims that the White Sox are ‘virtually certain to move Cease’ this off-season.

Not only that, Rosenthal further added that the Yankees are also pursuing trade possibilities to land Dylan Cease. The ace is coming off a decent season with a 4.58 ERA across 33 starts. However, in 2022, Cease recorded a 2.20 ERA across 32 starts. The pitcher is durable but is under the White Sox’s control till 2026. Thus, the asking price for Cease could skyrocket.