Matt Chapman

While left field remained a persisting issue for the New York Yankees in the 2023 season, the third base was more or less facing the same instability. Josh Donaldson, the highly regarded veteran presence, took an exit mid-season after featuring in less than 40 games. DJ LeMahieu held the fort for the longest time before Oswald Peraza came in to split his time.

However, the instability has to go in 2024. They need a strong and permanent presence at third base. So far, prospect Oswald Peraza has emerged as a favourite candidate. But does he have enough juice to last a full season? That’s a debatable topic. Thus, the Yankees should play smart and go for this Blue Jays third baseman who is set to enter free agency this coming off-season.


Yankees Linked To Matt Chapman In A Long Term Deal!

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Matt Chapman, a product of the Oakland Athletics, established himself as one of the premier third basemen in the big leagues. Five years and one all-star presence later, the third baseman moved to Toronto Blue Jays, wherein he continues to thrive. While Chapman is nowhere near his All-Star year self, he did deliver back-to-back 27 home run seasons in 2021 and 2022. This year, too, he finished the season with .240, 17 home runs and 54 RBIs across 140 games. The reason why Chapman makes sense for the New York Yankees is because of his defensive prowess. Matt is a three-time Golden Glove awardee and two-time winner of Platinum Glove.

In addition to his defensive prowess, Matt Chapman brings a power bat to the lineup. He has consistently hit for both average and power, providing a reliable source of offence. Having said that, the Athletic predicted Chapman’s market value at around $127 million for a six-year long-term deal. It shouldn’t be a problem for a $7 billion franchise like the New York Yankees. Matt is 30 and still has 6-7 years of baseball left in him. The Yanks must consider making a move for Chapman to seal third base. They cannot afford to have any more revolving doors, which leads to increased instability. As the offseason unfolds, Yankee fans will be watching closely to see if this potential acquisition comes to fruition and whether Matt Chapman dons the pinstripes in the future.

Infield Logjam Could Lead To Gleyber Torres’ Exit!

Gleyber Torres
Gleyber Torres’ first half of the season was filled with mistakes, errors and blunders, casting a shadow on a respectable performance on offense.AP

The New York Yankees infield is packed. To add a player like Matt Chapman, they need to make significant space. And it seems Gleyber Torres is going to be the one to make the ultimate sacrifice. Torres was phenomenal as a second baseman hitter in 2023. He finished the year only behind captain Aaron Judge in terms of offensive contribution.

However, with the glove, Gleyber Torres was mediocre at best. His lapses led to crucial losses, which put Torres under scanner despite a successful season on the plate. Moreover, the Yankees’ increased inclination towards prospect Oswald Peraza would also play a huge role in the decision-making of Torres’ future. Overall, the upcoming off-season does not look good for second baseman Gleyber Torres.