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CHECKOUT: Draymond Green Reveals Warriors’ Biggest Flaw In Recent Acknowledgement

In a straightforward post-game interview following the Golden State Warriors’ narrow 102-101 victory over the Sacramento Kings, All-Star forward Draymond Green didn’t hold back when talking about the team’s chemistry. Green’s honest remarks shed light on a rocky season last year and the significant changes the Warriors have undergone.

Rocky Chemistry Issues From The Previous Season

Last year’s Warriors team faced many questions about team chemistry, and Green’s recent comments confirmed those concerns. Green was asked to compare the chemistry of the current season’s team with that of the previous season. The previous season ended with a loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference semifinals. The difference was clear. While the current roster received a positive review, last year’s team fell short. “Last year we had a terrible team when it comes to chemistry—really bad,” Green honestly stated. “You look at last year and say, ‘Oh man, this team hasn’t lost a Western Conference series under Steve Kerr.’ And then it happens. The main reason was our chemistry was poor.”


Green’s honesty continued: “Last year was very tough. It was difficult to come to work… Not enjoyable, you know?” These chemistry issues emerged even before the 2022–23 season began when a video showed Green punching then-teammate Jordan Poole during practice. Additionally, forward Jonathan Kuminga’s comments during the postseason hinted at unaddressed role changes that raised questions among the team.

Warriors Has Changed Up Improved Chemistry

Over the summer, significant changes occurred within the Warriors’ roster. Jordan Poole was traded to the Washington Wizards. In return, the Warriors acquired veteran point guard Chris Paul, who has made a positive impact in his first few games with the team. The team also added experienced players Dario Saric and Cory Joseph to strengthen their roster. Kuminga, a key contributor, had an excellent preseason and remains an essential part of the rotation. Green emphasized the transformation in the team’s chemistry this season. “This year, you see the happiness on guys’ faces when they come in the building,” Green explained. “You’ve got guys staying over two or three hours after, just hanging out, talking, and getting here two or three hours early just to be here. You start to see that and think, OK, this is a group that enjoys being together.”

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The Warriors have begun the season with a 4-1 record. They bounced back after an opening-night loss to the Phoenix Suns, securing four consecutive victories. Wednesday’s close win over the Kings, sealed by a Klay Thompson game-winner, has further demonstrated the team’s renewed energy. For Stephen Curry, the offseason gatherings and camaraderie have played a crucial role in strengthening the team’s chemistry. These off-court interactions have helped them understand each other’s personalities, motivations, and presence, translating into early-season success. “We’re not playing perfect basketball, but there’s a good connection and chemistry and trust among each other,” Curry noted, emphasizing the importance of their bonding off the court.

Draymond’s Response To Barkley’s Criticism

As the Warriors look to prove their critics wrong, including TNT analyst Charles Barkley, who labeled them as “cooked” during the 2023–24 season opener, Draymond Green had an opportunity to respond directly to Barkley. The exchange between Green and Barkley sheds light on the ongoing debate about the team’s age and performance. Barkley, known for his direct remarks, referred to the Warriors as “old.” Green responded with a touch of humor, implying that the term “old” might be a bit too harsh. He also hinted that the team’s experience could be an asset.

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The Warriors have responded to critics by winning three consecutive games after their season opener loss to the Suns, making a strong statement on the court. Barkley’s skepticism, which has persisted for years, only fuels their motivation to chase another NBA championship. Draymond Green’s frank assessment of the Warriors’ chemistry issues from the previous season serves as a clear reminder of the importance of team dynamics in sports. The team’s offseason changes and renewed camaraderie have laid the foundation for a promising 2023-24 campaign, and the Warriors are determined to prove their critics wrong by aiming for another championship.