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Rookie Anthony Volpe Reacts To Yankees’ One Of Kind Woeful Run This Season

Anthony Volpe, the New York Yankees’ highly praised rookie, made his major league debut this season and lived his childhood dream. The 22-year-old was born and brought up in the neighborhood of New York and grew up as an avid Yankee supporter. He even turned up for legend Derek Jeter’s retirement game which proved to be a career-defining moment for the rookie.

Volpe understood the magnitude of playing in pinstripes and started taking professional baseball more seriously. Years later, he is in the Bronx, donning the pinstripes and taking the field on a daily basis for the Bombers. However, in his very first season, Volpe witnessed the team’s worst downfall in decades, which naturally came as a massive surprise and setback at the same time.


Anthony Volpe Reveals What The Yankees Are Missing This Season!

Aaron Boone says Anthony Volpe is the “real deal on the basepaths.” Robert Sabo for NY Post

Anthony Volpe, not even in his wildest dreams, imagined his rookie season with the New York Yankees turn out so bad. The team is currently seated last in the East division, 8.5 games behind the playoff wildcard spot. With 38 games left on the schedule, a comeback is wishful thinking for now. Meanwhile, Volpe addressed the media following the series loss to Boston Red Sox and reacted to the team’s horrific run. He said that no one in the Yankee clubhouse is OK or even remotely close to having that feeling due to the undesired results. Irrespective of the player’s personal form, everyone on the roster is pretty pissed with the team’s current situation.

Further asked to pinpoint what went wrong with the Yankees this season, Anthony Volpe said the team is probably lacking the energy and fun to enjoy the game. He put it, “It’s like the chicken or the egg. What’s gonna cause [the other] to change?” Volpe seems accurate with his analysis. The player’s demeanor on the field has remained off lately. They are definitely not enjoying the game as they should. How the team management chose to tackle such a situation will be interesting to see. It’s a kind of situation the club has never faced in its past three-decade of history. The team has to show up to at least fight for the team’s pride, let alone a playoff spot. Because the latter is seemingly out of the picture.

Anthony Volpe Thriving Amid Bombers Collective Struggle

May 23, 2023; Bronx, New York, USA; New York Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe (11) reacts to hitting a sacrifice fly ball against the Baltimore Orioles during the tenth inning at Yankee Stadium. / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Meanwhile, New York Yankees’ adverse situation has not mildly affected Anthony Volpe’s offensive form. He recently hit a game-tying run homer against the Red Sox. Moreover, this month, the rookie has hit .263, .338 OBP, .544 SLG, and .882 OPS. He also slammed four homers while driving 14 RBIs. Sadly, his personal accomplishments have contributed less heavily to the team’s overall performance.

Anthony Volpe hit an offensive slump earlier. However, despite this, he managed to put in impressive numbers. It’s worth noting that the 22-year-old rookie is yet to miss a game for the Yankees this season. In 124 games, Volpe has hit .217 with 17 home runs, 50 RBIs, and .691 OPS. The rookie is definitely the future of the New York Yankees.