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The New York Yankees’ interest in Juan Soto is no secret. They made a failed move during the trade deadline but intend to accomplish the pursuit during upcoming free agency. Soto could be made available by the Padres for the right price, as the latter needs to shed off the team payroll by $50 million.

Having said that, the New York Yankees pursuit of Juan Soto won’t be an easy ride. They will undoubtedly face a lot of hurdles while putting together a strong exchange offer. Additionally, fresh rumors suggest that new competition has entered the market. As the news of Soto’s alleged availability spread like wildfire, an NL contender has joined the suitors list.


Chicago Cubs To Bid For Juan Soto, Claims Bruce Levine!

Juan Soto
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At just 24 years old, Juan Soto is already considered one of the premier talents in baseball. The New York Yankees, meanwhile, have long been linked to Soto in trade rumors. Their need for a left-handed power bat and a transformational player in the outfield aligns perfectly with the Padres outfielder’s skill set. Soto could be the missing piece in their lineup, alongside Aaron Judge, to create a formidable offensive force. While the Bronx Bombers remained the top landing spot for Soto, a new competition had emerged from the shadows to dent the former’s pursuit.

 Bruce Levine of 670 The Score recently claimed that NL Central contender Chicago Cubs have developed an interest in acquiring Juan Soto. They will remain actively involved in the bidding process. The Cubs, after ending a long championship drought in 2016, are eager to return to the pinnacle of baseball. Acquiring Soto would be a major step in that direction, as he could become the face of the franchise and lead them to another title. The Yankees, on the other hand, are more or less heading in the same direction. They know that Soto is a generational talent and a guaranteed World Series winner material. Thus, the fans can expect both teams to go all guns blazing. Having said that, the Bronx Bombers’ prestige status and storied history will give them an upper hand.

Yankees Ex-Hitting Coach Bats For Juan Soto’s Trade Acquisition!

The Yankees’ offense hasn’t improved since Sean Casey was named hitting coach, replacing Dillon Lawson. Getty Images

Sean Casey, the former hitting coach of the New York Yankees, discussed Juan Soto’s trade rumors. Having witnessed the team’s roster construction closely, Casey said that the Bombers need a strong left-handed batting option. Also, Sean added that with Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole being in the middle of their prime, the Yanks have a six-year window to stand a stronger chance at winning a World Series championship.

Moreover, with Juan Soto, the odds double up owing to his talent and skillset. “So for me, when I look at it, man, it would be such a grand slam for them to get a guy like Juan Soto,” concluded Sean Casey. Casey might not return as the Yankees hitting coach in 2024, but he surely understands the shortcomings of the roster. He believes that an addition of a strong left bat would boost the lineup by tenfold.