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Anthony Volpe entered his rookie season with the New York Yankees with a lot of anticipation and excitement. The 21-year-old had swayed everyone with his exceptional display of skillset in spring training. However, Volpe didn’t necessarily exceed those expectations. He finished his rookie season with a low batting average of .209.

Having said that, Anthony Volpe did play a total of 159 games in his first major league season, which led to fatigue during the final stretch. Nevertheless, the shortstop is gearing up to soak in the learnings to come out better and stronger in 2024. Also, he needs to tweak his approach in one key area to achieve offensive success next season.


Anthony Volpe Needs To Ditch Pulling In Left And Focus More On Right Field!

Anthony Volpe

Anthony Volpe, one of the New York Yankees’ most promising young talents, is gearing up for the 2024 MLB season. While his skills and potential are undeniable, a particular aspect of his approach at the plate needs adjustment to unlock his full potential. In 2023, the rookie pulled a lot in left field. While the Yankee Stadium’s left field wall is much shorter, it wasn’t helping Volpe’s case. He pulled 46.7% of his hits in the left, as a result of which his overall batting average witnessed a dip. Interestingly, the shortstop’s best hit of the season came when he slammed his bat into the right field. Thus, Volpe needs to change that and prioritize hitting on the right field wall in 2024.

Hitting in the left could be Anthony Volpe’s natural game. However, it’s not yielding any results in the big leagues, and neither did it seem that things will change in the future. Thus, the shortstop needs to make this big achievement in order to ensure long-term success. Besides, Volpe also needs a reset. He clearly seemed fatigued towards the final month of the season. Stretching out for a total of 159 games in the first-ever major league season is a win in itself for the rookie. But at the end of the day, he has to build that stamina to last 162 games consistently to become a crucial part of the lineup. Overall, Anthony Volpe has the potential to become a franchise legend. He just needs the right direction and confidence to back himself and his abilities during tough situations. The journey of MLB has just begun for the Yankees rookie.

Yankees Rookie And Veteran Names Golden Glove Finalists!

Anthony Volpe gets carried by Anthony Rizzo after hitting a walk-off sac fly. Nestor Cortes showers him with bubblegum. Twitter NYY

In a season to forget, the New York Yankees have found something to cheer for. Rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe and veteran first baseman Anthony Rizzo were named Golden Glove finalists for the 2023 season. It was a maiden finalist appearance for Volpe, who posted a .970 fielding percentage, 357 assists, and 63 double plays across 159 games.

On the other hand, Anthony Rizzo made it as a Golden Glove finalist despite featuring in only 99 games this year. In a season cut short due to post-concussion syndrome, Rizzo had a .995 fielding percentage with 58 double plays. While the competition is tough, the Yankees fanbase is expected to show all their love to the two finalists during voting.