Chris McMonigle, Hal Steinbrenner

The New York Yankees have long been considered one of the biggest spenders in the league. Their willingness to invest in top-tier talent has led to a rich history of championships. However, in recent years, the team’s success in the postseason has been limited despite their hefty payrolls.

In 2023, the New York Yankees remained a team with the second-highest payroll, only second to city rivals New York Mets. Yet, they failed to qualify for the playoffs. Thus, ahead of another free agency, a WFAN radio host has made an appeal to franchise owner Hal Steinbrenner to stay careful of his pockets. He even cited the example of the current playoff scenario to put some sense into Steinbrenner.


Chris McMonigle Advices Hal Steinbrenner To Spend Smartly This Off-Season!

Brian Cashman, left, and Hal Steinbrenner, aim to lower the Yankees payroll so they do not have to pay a luxury tax.Credit…Kathy Willens/Associated Press

After losing out a playoff berth in 2023, the New York Yankees would aim to bounce back into World Series contention in 2024 by spending huge bucks in free agency. That has been their pattern for the past many years. Hal Steinbrenner, owner of the $7 billion franchise, is not afraid to deepen his pockets. He even surpassed the luxury tax threshold once in the past and nearly came close to violating the laws again in 2023. However, WFAN radio host Chris McMonigle seemingly rejected Steinbrenner’s outlook. He says that to be successful, one does not necessarily have to have a high payroll roster. To further anchor his point, Chris cited the example of the current playoff scenario.

He pointed out that out of the top seven highest payroll franchises in the league, only the Philadelphia Phillies managed to win a playoff game in 2023. The likes of the Yankees, Mets, and Padres did not even make it to the postseason. That’s a solid testament to how money doesn’t guarantee success in sports. Thus, Chris McMonigle urged Hal Steinbrenner to spend smartly this off-season. He believes that the franchise owner is doing his part in allocating the necessary money. However, general manager Brian Cashman is somewhat lacking in placing the funds in the right direction. “It’s about spending money on some level, but it’s about spending smart money,” said McMonigle. Steinbrenner earlier revealed that he does not believe that one has to have a $300 million payroll to win a championship. Thus, he does not intend to spend that much in the near future.

WFAN Radio Host Believes Yankees Are Getting Closer To Winning A Championship!

The Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays to win the AL East title on Tuesday night, then had a clubhouse party before returning to the playoff field to pose for team picture.AP

The New York Yankees are a champion team, and nothing can take that away from them, says Chris McMonigle of WFAN. He believes that the Bronx Bombers are inching close to a World Series win after a wait of 13 long years. Chris feels that the Yanks will enter a transition phase post the 2023 season debacle and could start as underdogs in 2024.

However, the underdogs have gone on to win big in MLB in recent years. He cited the example of the Arizona Diamondbacks, who won the ALCS vs. Texas Rangers after winning less than 90 regular season games. Thus, the doors are not shut for the Yankees just yet. They have the potential and storied history backing them in doing what they do best, which is to win.