Aaron Boone
New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone (17) and New York Yankees bench coach Carlos Mendoza (64) look on in the second inning of a baseball game Saturday, July 15, 2023, in Denver. David Zalubowski – staff, AP

In the aftermath of a disastrous 2023 MLB season, the New York Yankees look set to undergo a major organizational overhaul. The whole franchise will be put under review to figure out the root cause of the season’s fallout. While many personnel remain under the radar, manager Aaron Boone has been caught in the eye of the storm.

The manager who ensured Yankees postseason berth in each year of his tenure is facing an imminent job threat. According to popular belief, Aaron Boone could be made a scapegoat at the end of the year. Despite a strong resume and extraordinary success, the skipper’s future in the Bronx remains uncertain. So, how exactly are the Yanks approaching the entire situation?


Aaron Boone Likely To Receive A Second Change To Make Things Right In 2024!

Credit: Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Boone is currently a hot topic of discussion in the Bronx. The skipper’s job status for the upcoming 2024 season remains uncertain. Moreover, the 50-year-old recently strew the pot by revealing he was not receiving verbal confirmation from the Yankees of a return in 2024. So what are the Yanks thinking? Are they done with Boone? Or does the skipper deserve a second chance? Recently, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic wrote a piece wherein he explained in detail the Bombers’ plan for Aaron Boone. Ken believes that firing Boone would be pure scapegoating at this point and send out a wrong message. Thus, the front office is exercising caution in these challenging times.

Rosenthal further added that the Yankees front office still has a lot of faith in Aaron Boone. They let him hire Sean Casey as hitting coach mid-season. Not only that, captain Aaron Judge and other Yankee players have time and again vouched for the skipper. Also, Judge, who is fond of Boone, will likely have a big say during forthcoming front-office matters. His inputs will be considered widely by Hal Steinbrenner, which alone could save Boone’s job. Thus, Aaron Boone will likely earn a second chance in 2024 to correct the 2023 season mistakes. Having said that, whether or not the franchise remains willing to hand out an extension offer remains to be seen.

Yankees Skipper Reveals His CY Young Award Winner!

Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole tips his cap to a standing ovation from the Yankees crowd after pitching 8 innings. via X NYY

Gerrit Cole, the New York Yankees ace pitcher who is currently chasing his maiden CY Young Award, pitched a perfect game on Wednesday to solidify his contention. Pitching in his final season start, Cole went deep till the ninth inning without allowing a single run. He ended the 2023 season with an impressive 15-4 record, a 2.63 ERA with 222 strikeouts. That should be enough to earn Cole his career first CY Young award, believes skipper Aaron Boone.

When asked about Gerrit Cole’s CY Young chances, Aaron Boone said, “Absolutely put an exclamation point on the Cy Young Award with that performance.” Certainly, the Yankees ace is no more a favorite but an undeclared winner. There exists no competition in the American League to contest Cole’s sensational pursuit. He has remained consistent and on the top of his game throughout the season and undoubtedly deserves the trophy.