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REVEALED: The Reason New York Yankees Chose Against Trading A Left Fielder At Deadline

Anticipation and hype around the recently concluded trade deadline were high among New York Yankees fans. The club was expected to be aggressive buyers considering the team’s dire situation. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers were linked to multiple outfield options weeks ahead of the August 1 deadline.

However, the intense hype was doused quickly as the Yankees ended up making subpar moves. Brian Cashman signed mere two bullpen rental pieces during the final minutes of the deadline. Naturally, the club’s decision not to add a left-field outfielder baffled the fans. But it seems that Yanks had a set plan for that position all along.


Yankees See A Left Field Solution In Prospect Everson Pereira

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The New York Yankees revolving door at left field for long has been left unaddressed. Even at the trade deadline, the team chose against the idea of adding prominent outfield options. However, the latest rumors suggest that the club has a set plan in motion all throughout the year. As per Andy Martino of SNY, “people with direct knowledge of the team’s thinking believe that part of why the Yankees didn’t trade for a left fielder is because the team is expected to promote no.4 prospect Everson Pereira at some point this season.” Pereira has long been regarded as one of the organization’s top talents. He signed back in 2017 and has matured as a defensive outfielder over the years. This season he is hitting .309 with a .925 OPS, 15 home runs, and 56 RBI in 70 games across AA/AAA.

Everson Pereira fits perfectly into the Yankees’ criteria for a left-field outfielder. His speed and ability to cover a wide range will make him effective in the Yankee stadium. Not only that, Pereira’s throwing arm is electric for a 22-year-old. Apart from this, the prospect’s ability to hit the ball hard is second to none. All things considered, it would be interesting to see the timing of Everson’s promotion. Currently, the Yanks still remain active in the playoff race. But they might not be in the next few weeks. That is the perfect window to promote the prospect. Minimal major league experience this year will help Everson Pereira advance significantly in the next season. And he could be the left-field solution the Bombers have been looking for for the past two seasons.

Brian Cashman Faces Backlash Of Subpar Trade Deadline

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While the Yankees had a plan for left field, it wasn’t communicated to fans. Hence, the Yankee fanbase laid their hopes on the trade deadline. However, the hopes came crashing down as the club added only a couple of bullpen pieces. The decision aggravated the fan’s agitation as they protested against the general manager, Brian Cashman.

After the deadline passed on August 1, fans thronged the Yankee stadium with “Fire Cashman” play cards and also chanted boos. The agitation reached a level where the security had to confiscate the play cards and also escort a few rogue fans from the stadium. To calm the storm, Cashman issued a statement and asked the fans to keep faith and promised a better performance from the Yankees.