Gabe Vincent Lakers
Gabe Vincent Lakers Source: ReportingSports

The Los Angeles Lakers had a brilliant offseason. Initially, the plan was to keep the same core as in the last season together for the next season as well. That’s what the Purple and Gold franchise managed to do. Moreover, the last season helped the front office learn the value of depth and balance within the team’s roster. When the team had no balance and more injury issues, the LA side was lingering around the bottom of the Western Conference. However, after the front office made some crucial changes right before the February trade deadline, the Lakers looked entirely different.

They were strong enough to maintain winning streaks and had quality players in every department. But mostly, it was Anthony Davis who led the side brilliantly to make the conference finals. In the first half of the last season, the LA side did not look like making the playoffs either. Hence, in the offseason, the Lakers wanted to keep the balance and the core together. However, they had to let the MVP of the FIBA World Cup, Dennis Schroder, go. The German point guard joined the Toronto Raptors. Instead, the Lakers signed Gabe Vincent from the Miami Heat. Like Schroder, Vincent might, too, get the chance to close the games quite often.


Buha Suggests Vincent Will Steal Many Closing Minutes Like Schroder Did

Dennis Schroder Lakers
Dennis Schroder Lakers Source: Sky Sports

Moreover, Vincent reached the NBA Finals last season with the Heat. Hence, Vincent has experience that can help the LA side next season. However, the initial plan was to trade D’Angelo Russell and make Gabe Vincent replace D’Lo. But it looks like D’Lo is staying for another couple of years with the 17-time champions. However, Gabe Vincent will concentrate on playing the role Dennis Schroder used to in the LA side’s offense. Mostly, the MVP of the World Cup used to come off the bench and close the games for his former team. According to Jovan Buha of The Athletic, that’s precisely what Gabe Vincent might do next season.

Moreover, Buha suggests Gabe Vincent is an unlikely option for the starting lineup. But Darvin Ham will take the final decision as the head coach. Gabe Vincent is a pretty good three-point shooter. Moreover, Jovan Buha feels if Vincent comes off the bench more often like Dennis, then he will get multiple opportunities to steal closing minutes of the game. Jovan Buha predicts D’Angelo Russell will get more time in the starting lineup. But Gabe Vincent will get the ball time in the final minutes. It is going to be similar to the dynamic between Russell and Schroder. And now it will be the Russell-Vincent dynamic.

Former Lakers Rival Is A Big Fan Of LeBron James

LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers Source: Fadeaway World

LeBron James is an inspiration for many players of the current generation. After all, he has accomplished in the last twenty years. But the King has impressed many greats of the past as well, even former players who played a long time for the rival’s team. For instance, Antoine Carr had a fierce rivalry with the Lakers while he played for many teams, including the San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz in the 1990s.

The Lakers and Carr’s team had many memorable, intense playoff battles in that decade. Carr played in 16 seasons for six different teams. On the YouTube program Scoop B Selects, Antoine Carr mentioned how he loves watching LeBron James, Luka Doncic, and Nikola Jokic among the modern players.