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New York Yankees Will Have Aaron Judge In Their Lineup Despite All The Struggles

The New York Yankees are not getting away from injury issues to key players. Moreover, the NY side has suffered a lot this season because of injuries. However, Aaron Boone’s side keeps on fighting despite the chances of making the postseason seem slim to none. Moreover, they don’t want to lose against their arch-rivals. Adding to that spirit, the NY side has won the first two games of the series against the Red Sox. Currently, the Yankees have climbed above the Red Sox on the AL East table.

The two great rivals have the same win-loss ratio this season at present. But the Yankees know that they have an uphill task ahead to increase their chances of a spot in the playoffs. Both the Red Sox and Yankees had more or less challenging seasons this year. Aaron Judge, the captain of the Bronx Bombers, was recovering from a toe injury. But he just could not miss the series against the Boston Red Sox.


Yankees Must Keep Fighting As Captain Judge Is Eager To Be In The Lineup

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: Fox News

On the other hand, the Baltimore Orioles had the most dominating season in the AL East division. But Aaron Boone’s side must be wary of the other two teams in their division – the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays. However, with only a month remaining in the regular season, the Yankees are not likely to make the postseason. But Captain Aaron Judge wants to contribute as much as he can. He is not 100% healthy but wants to risk the recovery of his toe to help his team maintain a winning streak. The Yankees had been through a rough patch when they were going through a nine-game losing streak as well as multiple series.

But gradually, they are trying to improve their current season. They want to end the season on a happy note. But prior to that, they want to seal the series against the Red Sox. There are still two more games remaining in that series. The likely scenario is Aaron Judge will play, but the Bronx fans will hope to see the Captain hit a few homers if he can. Now the question is if Aaron Judge can break the slump he has been in since his injury and add more to his list of great performances at Fenway Park. Aaron Judge averaged 17 homers and 0.303 at Fenway Park. Hence, the eyes, as usual, will be on the Yankees superstar to guide them to a series victory against their arch-rivals.

Aaron Judge Paid Tribute To The 9/11 Victims

Yankees Aaron Judge
Yankees Aaron Judge Source: DraftKings Network

On Tuesday, Aaron Judge paid tribute to the 9/11 victims and the tragic day wearing special Jordan sneakers. Judge mainly addressed his tribute to the first responders of that day. Moreover, the Yankees captain wore the custom Jordan cleats to remind him of the bravery and sacrifices of that unforgettable day.

Aaron Judge had the perfect stage to honor the victims and their families playing an important game against the Red Sox. Moreover, there were special symbols and messages on the Jordan cleats of the Yankees Captain. This gesture of Judge received broad appreciation on social media.