Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: NBC Sports

The New York Yankees had an awful season in 2023. In the last few years, they have not really gone very far in the playoffs. But they did make the postseason prior to this year. Injury issues and a lack of a winning streak cost them heavily. Moreover, the Yankees have won the World Series for a record 27 times. The last time they won a World Series was the last time they appeared at one, and that was back in 2009.

Hence, it has been more than a decade since the Yankees reached the “Big Dance.” That’s why a player like Juan Soto is necessary to play alongside Aaron Judge. The NY side needs another elite slugger to bolster their lineup. Moreover, Soto is a quality left-handed hitter. But he’s too expensive. Then, the Yankees can opt for another quality lefty hitter who’s less expensive. 


Yankees Can Target Cody Bellinger

Cody Bellinger
Apr 14, 2023; Los Angeles, California, USA; Chicago Cubs center fielder Cody Bellinger (24) acknowledges the crowd during a video tribute prior to the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Cody Bellinger is the son of Clay Bellinger, who was part of the famous Yankees Dynasty back in the 1990s. Hence, Cody grew up practically in a Yankees household. Moreover, Cody is a pretty productive lefty bat who can help in reigniting a new dynasty for the NY side. On top of that, Cody has an impressive resume that includes a World Series title, rookie of the year as well as an MVP award. During his MVP season, Cody Bellinger hit 47 homers. Moreover, in the 2023 season, Bellinger had a batting average of 307, 26 homers and 4.4 WAR. In the next year, he will be a free agent. On top of that, he is among the most sought-after names.

Moreover, he won the World Series with the LA Dodgers in 2020. Can he win one with the Yankees if he joins the franchise in the future? Even if he costs less than Juan Soto, the Yankees might have to pay a steep cost to sign Cody in free agency. He might demand a seven-year deal worth $175 million. It means the Bronx Bombers will have to pay him $25 million annually for the next seven years. But costs aside, the Yankees cannot let a talent like Cody Bellinger go away from their hands. If the organization needs to progress, they’ll need a quality talent like Cody.

NY Side Needs A Superstar Hitter Like Juan Soto Who Can Play Alongside Judge

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: CNN

Moreover, the Bronx Bombers had a pretty bad batting average in the current season. With a weak offense, the NY side could not manage to make the postseason. Albeit, they had an 82-80 season, and as a result, they kept their streak of winning seasons alive. Nevertheless, not making the postseason has been a tremendous shame for a team initially anticipated to be a contender for the championship.

But the Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner and Captain Aaron Judge mentioned that they will make big changes in the offseason. They might need a lot of changes in a lot of departments, like analytics, coaching and many more. But more importantly, they need an elite slugger. That’s why they have been targeting Juan Soto for so long. Moreover, the Yankees have only Aaron Judge as their superstar hitter. But to win a World Series, a team needs multiple All-Star-level offensive players in the lineup. Just one won’t do.