Fernando Alonso Christian Horner Red Bull Aston Martin
Fernando Alonso Christian Horner Red Bull Aston Martin Source: Sky Sports

Fernando Alonso posed a threat to Red Bull initially this season after a brilliant start. Many fans felt that he might end the Red Bull and Max Verstappen dominance this season. After all, Alonso seemed very fast with the Aston Martin car. The Spaniard seemed to understand the car pretty well and was certainly faster than Mercedes. But the two-time champion could try to get faster and take the fight to Max Verstappen. However, that did not happen, as Max went on to win 16 races so far this season. On the other hand, Fernando Alonso dropped from his P3 spot and lost it to Lewis Hamilton. Currently, the two-time champion is fifth in the driver’s standings. Needless to say, Max Verstappen and Red Bull have already won the driver’s as well as the constructor’s titles.

Red Bull lost only to Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz so far in the Singaporean Grand Prix. Max will try to get his 17th Grand Prix victory this year in the Brazilian Grand Prix. However, Verstappen’s teammate is still struggling. Sergio Perez could not even make it count in the Mexican Grand Prix, his home circuit. He had yet another DNF. Moreover, the replacement rumor has been floating for a long time around the grid. The ideal choice for Red Bull to replace Checo is Daniel Ricciardo, who’s driving for the sister team, Alpha Tauri. Albeit recently, there has been a new rumor about Fernando Alonso signing with Red Bull as Checo’s replacement. How valid is that new rumor?


Helmut Marko Says Checo Will Stay With Red Bull Until Next Year As Per His Contract

Sergio Perez Red Bull Helmut Marko
Sergio Perez Red Bull Helmut Marko Source: PlanetF1

If that happens, it will be one of the biggest F1 signings in recent times. However, neither Red Bull nor Fernando Alonso mentioned that there’s any truth to this rumor. Recently, Red Bull advisor told F1-Insider, the German outlet, that Sergio Perez will stay with them until the end of the next season. Moreover, Helmut Marko said that Checo has his contract with Red Bull till 2024, and they’ll honor it. Marko said he and Christian Horner have stressed it enough that regardless of the result, Checo will drive for them next year.

Moreover, the Red Bull’s top boss pointed fingers at Fernando Alonso, suggesting the Spaniard spread the rumor of moving to Red Bull. Marko believes Alonso had a disappointing turn of events with Aston Martin after going through such a brilliant start. That’s why he must have spread the rumor. Moreover, Marko feels it would not be the first time Alonso used his home media to create unrest. On the other hand, the Red Bull advisor mentioned the only aim they’ve currently focuses on winning the remaining races and finishing the season with one-two Max-Checo.

Fernando Alonso Will Ensure There Are Consequences For Spreading Fake Rumors

Fernando Alonso Aston Martin
Fernando Alonso Aston Martin Source: Sky Sports

Anyhow, Fernando Alonso mentioned these rumors generated by the paddock people who try to make fun of and gain followers. At a press conference on Thursday, the two-time champion mentioned that F1 journalists need to gain their respect with utmost professionalism.

But Alonso said these rumors came from people who were not present in that room and people who thought it was funny to spread such rumors. But Alonso added that it’s not funny when they play with anything. Moreover, the Spaniard warned the people who spread the fake rumors that he’ll make sure there are consequences.