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LeBron James Source: Sports Illustrated

LeBron James wants the best for his team, and so does everybody on the roster. But LBJ comes in with a lot of experience that other guys don’t have. In fact, King James is currently the oldest player in the league. But even at 38, he can win matches alone and turn things around. He proved it in the game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Anyhow, the fans expect the Lakers to face no problem with the rotation if one player gets unavailable with an injury. It is because they’ve such a deep and balanced roster.

That should prevent the team from facing any difficulty if one player suddenly becomes unavailable for a while. But it is also essential to know what the best possible lineup would look like in the absence of one or two key players. That’s what Darvin Ham is trying to figure out in the early part of this season. He’s playing different rotations to figure out the best lineup.


What Does LBJ Think About Ham’s Rotation?

LeBron James Darvin Ham Lakers
LeBron James Darvin Ham Lakers Source: The Sports Rush

Recently, LeBron James shared his opinion on Ham’s uncertain rotations. He told Dan Woike of The Los Angeles Times that as a player and as a team, their job is to make it work with each player on the floor. They can’t afford to make excuses. Moreover, LeBron James mentioned that it is essential for players in the team to complement each other well on the defense and also on the offense.

LeBron James thinks as players, they need to give the coach some time to figure out the rhythm, and then they’ll know what the subpattern is. Anyway, LeBron James believes it is key to concentrate on going out and just play the game. As a team, they just need to work it all out, and at the right time, everything will fall right into place.

LeBron James Broke Yet Another NBA Record

LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers Source: Fadeaway World

As everybody knows, LeBron James is born to break records. He did it again in the game against the LA Clippers. As per ESPN Stats & Info, LeBron James went past Karl Malone in becoming the player to score the most number of 30+ points since turning 35. Against the city rivals, LeBron James scored his 81st 30+ points since turning 35. In the end, he scored 35 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and also assisted seven times with stealing once and blocking twice. Finally, the LA Lakers ended their 11-game losing streak against their city rivals. The King played a bit extra minute in that game to see things through for the Lakers. He led the Lakers with scoring points as he played for 42 minutes.

Eventually, the Lakers won 130-125 in overtime. It was probably the best game of the LA Lakers so far this season. They did not quite have the ideal start to the season. Moreover, after the first four games, the Lakers had a record of .500. As they lost two and won a couple as well. On top of that, the 17-time champions had a few injury concerns as well. For instance, they really missed Jarred Vanderbilt to take care of their defense. Anyway, the James-Davis duo was at their peak against the Clippers to win the game even after they fell behind in the first quarter.