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Spring training is currently underway in the New York Yankees training facility in Tampa. However, the team does not have all the pieces covered. A couple of guys, including star prospect Jasson Dominguez, are reeling under grievous injury as the 2024 season opening day inches closer.

Jasson Dominguez, the 22-year-old ‘Martian,’ debuted last season in pinstripes in September. In a short stint, he wooed the crowd with his impeccable hitting skills. However, a UCL tear injury shunted his debut campaign. Having said that, ahead of the new season, Dominguez is reportedly recovering well and could soon take a first step towards rehabilitation this spring training.


Jasson Dominguez To Begin Hitting By The End Of Spring Training!

Yankees Jasson Dominguez
Yankees Jasson Dominguez Source: Fox News

New York Yankees’ highly regarded prospect Jasson Dominguez made a surprise debut last season in pinstripes. But fate had other plans, as his dream run was cut short by an unfortunate UCL tear injury. In eight games post-debut, Jasson hit four homers, thus scripting franchise history. However, he suffered a niggle in his right elbow, which worsened into a muscle tear as Yanks failed to diagnose it in time. Subsequently, the slugger underwent Tommy John surgery and got ruled out for the first half of the upcoming season. Regardless, Dominguez hasn’t stopped training this off-season. He has been in Tampa, Yanks training facility, for a while now. While he is under rehabilitation, Jasson has been working out with the rest of the roster ahead of spring training.

Meanwhile, the latest update coming from Bryan Hoch of MLB.com is that Jasson Dominguez has begun catching flyballs. He is working out with the squad and is also actively participating in the training drills. However, as far as hitting is concerned, Dominguez could likely start swinging the bat by the end of spring training camp. But before that, he will begin his throwing program, which is considered a vital step in his rehabilitation program. Having said that, despite positive updates, Jasson Dominguez is unlikely to return until summer. Moreover, the Yanks seem likely to feature him as DH until the kid is feeling 100% healthy. Jasson is the franchise’s future, and thus, his rehabilitation remains the club’s top priority. Overall, as the spring training progresses, it would be interesting to see the Martian’s recovery and growth as he gears up to take reigns as a full-time starter.

Fans Delighted To See Jasson Dominguez Working Out With Yankees Captain

A home run from Aaron Judge and contributions from a bunch of rookies, Jasson Dominguez included, keyed the Yankees’ 5-4 win in Houston on Saturday night.AP

Jasson Dominguez is still rehabbing from his Tommy John surgery. However, that didn’t stop him from participating in lowly workouts with the rest of the squad. The kid was recently spotted training with New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge. And the candid visuals have sent the Yankee nation into a frenzy.

After the pictures of Jasson Dominguez and Aaron Judge went viral, Yankees fans took to the X platform to adore the duo. Many are relieved to see the kid’s progress after a grave UCL tear injury. Not only that, but many claimed that if Jasson returns soon, a World Series championship could be imminent for the Bronx Bombers.

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